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Wrong ways to Package

Packaging is an essential part of representing your brand’s identity. Because the first thing a customer will feel and look at, is your packaging. So, to have the right packaging and the ‘X’ factor of how the product will look, will help you penetrate the untapped market. However, as easy as it may seem, the simplest things are complex to crack. Let’s look at some loopholes you can avoid:

The unnecessary waste:

Packaging is the vital bridge between your product and the customer. So, a product which is packed with unnecessary materials and excessive space emits wrong signals, due to which you might not be able to communicate your message. Also, the most important aspect – it is a waste of resources. 88% of consumers are loyal to a company that supports social or environments says the survey by Cone Communications.

Wrong Aesthetics 

What do you think when you look at something for the first time? It’s never its core features, it’s always the way it looks and how tangible it is. The brand’s aesthetics also depend highly on the quality of the material being used to package the product. 

Hard to Open

Imagine you just got your favourite smartphone, and you’ve spent the last 20 minutes trying to open the box. It’s tremendously embarrassing for the smartphone company, right? Cause the first priority is how consumer friendly the packaging is and then the product itself. If the consumer won’t be able to open the package easily it is possible they won’t buy the products from your company again.

Lack of divergence

The market is quite noisy. And, it’s keen for a company to have a differentiating product and also it’s packaging. It’s the unpacking experience the consumer will first encounter. And, if it’s the same as the other products available in the market, it will be hard to catch the potential consumers’ eyes.

It’s easier said than done. And, to create a unique experience for your products whilst executing other tasks is uncontrollable. To solve these real-world problems our MAP (Marketing Acceleration Program) will help your company in creating a unique identity and deliver a quality product packaging experience. Learn more about MAP here.

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