Seamless Enterprise Communication with Workplace from Facebook

Workplace – The seamless way of enterprise communication

Communication is the key to any global enterprise. From a small scale organisation to a worldwide company, if there isn’t effective communication or any easy way to interact with other people, it becomes difficult to communicate. Workplace is developed around the interface you are already familiar with – Facebook, which makes it easier for users to interact and connect with people. 

With Workplace, communication in organisations is more interactive and people make quicker decisions resulting in higher productivity and improving work culture. Workplace chat an amazing feature offered by Workplace allows employees to share files, photos/videos, you can give your instant feedback on that work, how time-saving! 

At Adosphere, Workplace from Facebook partner we believe in transforming companies into communities, and for that, communication becomes an essential part. We utilize Workplace for communication at it’s best, for sharing files amongst colleagues, connecting with seniors to get important information, and so much more, it becomes easier to communicate through Workplace.     

Breaking the shear way of communication

With Workplace offering features to enhance your day to day communication, it is easier for people to interact and communicate. Take Live Video for consideration, it helps senior leaders to easily share their vision, share updates at the ease of sitting at the desk, streamline people-first approach to digital transformation. And, as Workplace helps to make company information more accessible and discoverable, people can connect better.

Illumina a global leader in DNA sequencing, Illumina is working to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome. The company’s analysis tools and systems are enabling genetic studies that were unimaginable even just a few years ago. Illumina integrated Workplace to facilitate effective change management and better communication. Learn More.

Video Calling - Communication with Workplace from Facebook

But, Why Workplace for communication? Employees want their leaders to be more transparent and easy to connect, resulting in better communication and productivity. And, Workplace isn’t just another platform for communication, it offers a lot more than just seamless communication. Take Groups into account, for example, they provide a great way to connect and communicate with each other and even with people outside of your organisation.

Changing your communication culture

Company culture plays a vital role in communication as to when your employees are appreciated, access company resources easily and can connect with seniors easily, it becomes easier for the whole team to function and achieve tasks.

Workplace models around increasing productivity with support in diversity and inclusion. Workplace not only helps in increasing productivity but it also helps in giving everyone a voice. Workplace from Facebook provides a one-stop solution for sharing information, connecting with colleagues, receiving and updating information, and provide an easy way to collaborate.

Communication that binds people together

The way we communicate and function is evolving, with Workplace, even the large companies with thousands of employees feel smaller. Be it from sharing posts to sending messages, Workplace from Facebook is changing the way we communicate and connect. Workplace has enabled more virtual leadership communication by 83%.

Workplace doesn’t stop here! It also affects and influences the critical elements of any organisation, like the way people connect and collaborate. Workplace also has a growing collection of integrations to help your team share, stay current and ease up the process. Workplace doesn’t just provide your organization with a communication platform, it transforms your company into a community.

Workplace from Facebook offers many tools and functionalities to communicate better with the organisation, learn more about how Live video can be useful for your organisation: Learn more.

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