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Workplace Insights: A new way to understand your company

Insights helps you discover how people are using Workplace. Drill into the data and explore new ways to connect your organization.

Measuring the relationship between a connected culture and company performance can be challenging. But we think it all starts with having access to the right data. And while Workplace already allows admins to track adoption and retention, we want it to do more.

And with brand new Insights, now it does.

Employee insights at your fingertips

Insights is a new section of the Workplace Admin Panel that gives your organization the tools it needs to track and measure Workplace usage. You can use Insights to follow employee sentiment, trends within groups, post-level activity, and more.

Workplace Admins can now access five different tabs to explore dashboards and visualize data on the ways people are using Workplace across their organization.

  • People. Track how active your organization is on Workplace. Visualize how many invited employees have joined, how many are active, and which apps or platforms they’re using the most
  • Content. Understand how much content your organization is creating, how many people are actively contributing, and who your top contributors are
  • Groups. Explore data on group creation, settings, and your most active groups
  • Posts. Machine learning provides sentiment analysis on individual posts. Find data on the consumption of posts over time and total post consumption
  • Connections. Identify where collaboration is happening on Workplace based on the interactions between people

Increase connectivity in your company

These employee insights can bring enormous benefits to business leaders in all parts of an organization. The communication professional who can use employee sentiment trends to improve their messaging. The HR team that can visualize engagement metrics over time to grow and develop company culture. And the IT leader who can use analytics to track how active their population is on Workplace and create strategies to improve adoption. Here are some examples:

Understand employee engagement in real-time, all the time

Communications professionals are using Insights to understand employee sentiment and how people are reacting to company-wide or group comms. How many people have read your post? How do they feel about it? These employee sentiment metrics can help you identify the content that’s resonating with people so you can create more of it.

Employee insight on posts

Employee insight on posts

Use data-driven insights to build and develop company culture

By understanding their most engaged or active groups and communities, HR teams can understand and strengthen company culture. Insights enables you to identify the parts of your organization that are contributing the most and understand why. So you can learn best practices and reinforce a culture of community-driven contributions – or partner with top contributors in your business to help drive culture change.

Explore Group activity

Explore Group activity

Maximize the value of your IT investments

How connected is your organization? And what’s the value in knowing? Insights gives you the power to visualize the connections across your entire organization so you can identify where people might be working in silos. Use the data to test new ways of improving adoption so you can connect more people and leverage the benefits that those connections bring.

How connected is your organization?

How connected is your organization?

Learn how Insights can help connect your organization. Check out the demo right here.

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