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Workplace from Facebook – to take Instant Action

Managing the tasks that need to be assigned and accomplished can be difficult. They can also lead to chaotic situations if not communicated well. With Workplace from Facebook, it is now possible to assign work to the relevant people in a clear manner, with absolutely no room for confusion.

As Adosphere – Workplace from Facebook Partner, we act as a medium for the organizations to gain access to the features offered. We also bring to them a simple and sorted way to get their work done. Along with that, we ensure that the smooth and clear assigning of tasks is maintained.

Assigning tasks isn’t an easy task

In organisations, assigning work, coordinating with different people and the departments, and then following up is not time-efficient. This is majorly because of the long communication chain involved. Or so one thought. That is not the scenario now.

Now, the supervising and designating of tasks, collaborating with people responsible and being kept up to date has become easy, all thanks to the “Action Items” feature of the Workplace from Facebook platform.

Making it easy with Action Items

No matter how big, or small the duty at hand is – with Action Items, achieving it is simply cakewalk. Action items typically emerge after meetings, and must be stated clearly to make understanding them easy.

Do you have to allot major projects to the respective departments, or update others on the work finished, or simply tell someone to get everyone coffee? Rest assured, a one-step for all solution is now available with ‘Action Items’.

It’s a simple process

  • Go to the group you’d like to make the post in and click on the Composer.
  • Select Action Items.
  • Write something about your list
  • Add your action item.
  • To add more action items, press Return on your keyboard.
  • You can tag colleagues with an @ mention.
  • Only the user that posted can edit the post, but action items can be ticked off by anyone within the group.

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If you create an action items post, you will be notified when each action is marked as done or undone. If you are tagged next to an action item, you will be notified when the action item has been posted. Once you have ticked off the item associated with your tag, you will no longer receive notifications.

Is following up necessary? 

Not really – once the items have been assigned, there is an option to acknowledge them by ticking them off.

When anyone ticks on the box, it indicates that they are aware of the task assigned, and are working on it. With this feature, it’s possible to ensure that all members are up to date on the tasks assigned.

Summing it up-

Action item is easily a managing and organising hit among the people in a company, because of the transparency and clarity that the process provides. 

For more company life made easy hacks and features, be sure to keep your eyes set to Workplace from Facebook!

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