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Video chat through Workplace, to assist work

Workplace from Facebook is a one-stop destination for the sharing, discussing and collaborating needs of all organisations across the spectrum. With its communication-assisting features, it also helps the people bring their culture to life by creating a community-like feeling and celebrating the people who make up the company.

We, at Adosphere – Workplace from Facebook Partner, do our best in assisting organisations with being able to adopt the platform easily, and make connecting simple. An organisation is nothing but people coming together and working together with one vision in mind. We do our best in letting the people communicate well, and portray that vision accordingly.

Typing is tiring.

There are doubts and issues that cannot be solved by simply typing them out. Sometimes, a face-to-face interaction is required. The problem is, it may not always be possible. Another issue could be that typing out the communication can be terribly time consuming – saying it out and being precise with it makes discussions time efficient as well.

Workplace makes it workable. The Video Chat feature helps individuals and groups meet face to face – virtually, to talk about problems, address queries and also simply have an impromptu chat. It helps to connect people from all around the globe, by a single click.

Don’t type, join in on the Video chat hype

91% of customers agree that Workplace helps create more engaging communications, transforming people’s ability to start conversations and work together. With Workplace, there is a significant rise in Employee engagement as well.

Every group of less than 250 members made on Workplace is equipped with both, Chat and Video Chat option. The Video chat option allows the people to connect, hold meetings and have one-on-one calls with others anywhere, anytime.

Video chatting also helps in understanding nonverbal cues. This helps when people have to rely on subtle nuances and inferences – brainstorming sessions, for example. It also helps when there is a need for an open, engaging type of discussion. Audio conferencing or messaging continuously can get tiring and comparatively less productive.

With Video chat, a sort of personal touch is brought to discussions. People in organisations can use it to form better interpersonal relationships with each other.

According to Vani Venkatesh – CEO of Retail at Bharti Airtel Limited, “with the option of voice and video chat, conversations are quicker and smarter”. She also states that “It’s given a voice to the last person on the ground. It permits them to share their successes via rich and heavy media files.”

Video chat in Workplace from Facebook

Food for thought-

Video Chat is a one out of many features on Workplace that enables employees to experience simple and easy communication. Not just that, Video chatting with colleagues has also brought in an element of informal communication that was never present before.

Workplace from Facebook is a mainly unexplored platform. In it, other than Video Chat, there’s also WorkChat, Rooms, Live Video and other features that make communicating and collaborating dynamic.

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