Direct Marketing versus Brand Marketing

Untangled: Direct Marketing vs Brand Marketing

Marketing is the key to communicate with the audiences as a startup. Noted! But when it comes to point of direction with a marketing strategy or the growth strategy, the startups tend to gobble up with the tacts without understanding the niche in the market. There is a reason why the marketing plans were specifically designed with campaigns. The campaigns assigned with different values. If you think about social media marketing itself, your Instagram campaign must be different from your Facebook Campaign. How?!, You don’t target hashtags on Facebook, whereas hashtags play an important role on Instagram. Oh? Yea!

There are different ways to market your startup, you might have heard that enough. But distinguishing the methods of marketing vouches for your line of growth goals. Two of the easily mixed up methods of marketing are Direct Marketing and Brand Marketing. When a startup is into action in the market, the first priority of the startup is to generate revenue followed by awareness. Now if we assign, Direct Marketing looks after your revenue but depending on it for the awareness might be a drastic failure. Brand Marketing with a story, emphasizes the brand purpose by gaining the trust with loyalty to make an impact in the market which might aid in conversion with time. Let’s understand how they are different and how they stroll around the same important factors for business growth but differently as Direct Marketing vs Brand Marketing. 

A method to generate revenue through direct marketing ads intending to generate demands.


A method to create brand awareness through campaigns for engagement intending to build connection.


It makes an immediate impact on sales with a noticeable impression.


It makes a long term impression on brand equity and drives sales then.


It is all about testing and measuring the startups.


It is all about differentiating and engaging the startups.


The success metrics are defined as leads, clicks, conversions, sales.


The success metrics are defined as engagement, reach, likes, shares.


It can show you quick results and the growth chart.


It takes time to gain momentum with an increase in the growth chart.


Helps to build startups with credibility.


Helps to build the startup with visibility.


Types of direct marketing are Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Youtube Ads, etc.


Types of brand marketing are SEO, Sponsorships, Events, Billboard signs, etc. 

This might suggest the idea of Direct Marketing to be more effective than Brand Marketing. But this is where the startups often go wrong by investing the most just in their tangible tacts to generate revenue as well as growth. Direct Marketing is all about luring people to buy, whereas Brand Marketing is more about being the choice of people. Forbes released a piece on 2020 Marketing Predictions, expresses that brand marketing shall take the center stage compared to direct marketing with measurable tactics with the brand story and purpose with an example, 

“Adidas shifted its spending heavily to performance marketing, investing 23% into the brand and 77% into performance. As it built out its attribution strategy, they learned that brand activity was actually driving 65% of sales across wholesale, retail, and e-commerce. Now, they are moving to a 60:40 split in the brand’s favor.

Well, direct marketing without brand marketing is less than effective. In that case, we, with the Marketing Acceleration Program, help startups with the concerns of marketing and growth with a better understanding and opting for the suitable marketing methods for your market as well as business growth strategizing the appropriate plans. Tell us about your plans.


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