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Thoroughly Safe and Secure, with Workplace

Workplace from Facebook takes the security needs of all the organisations very seriously. Every decision or every new feature that is adopted to ease the way of functioning is introduced after taking the data security, information security and employee security into thorough consideration.

We, as Adosphere – Workplace from Facebook partner, understand that the organisations do not trust easily at all when it comes to keeping their data and other privacy related details safe and secure. That is precisely why we bring to the organisations a platform where ALL of the daily communication and collaboration can happen with absolutely zero risk.

Do not ever take chances with Risk

Fearing, or feeling a sense of paranoia is quite commonplace when it comes to being the head of, or simply even working in organisations. One can never be completely sure, or relaxed because of the digital related, information related and privacy related security breaches that happen so often.

With the Workplace from Facebook platform, this feeling of worry can be diminished, if not finished. Every decision that Workplace makes is made after pondering over its consequences, and also going over how it will affect the data privacy and also the digital security of the organisations.

No Risky Business here

Workplace might be associated with Facebook, but it operates independently from it. There is no exchange or handing over of any kind of personal data happening. Once you join Workplace, you control your data, and also who has access to it. It does not replace the already existing security system put in place by the organisation, but works well simultaneously with it, to strengthen security.

‘This is an important one so let’s be really clear about it: Workplace operates independently to Facebook’ 

Security Certificates

Workplace from Facebook is a platform that keeps the security of all at the heart of everything it does. It also undergoes stringent security verification audits every year, and has achieved certification against the reliable ISO 27001, the ISO 27018, SOC2 and SOC3 global standards.

With the ISO 27001 security standard, Workplace from Facebook handles all the sensitive company information by applying an information security management process that is consistent with industry standards. It also specifies best practices and details security controls for the management of information risks.

With the ISO 27018 security standard, Workplace from Facebook is capable of protecting the personally identifiable information (PII) of the team members in the public cloud computing environments.

The SOC 2 global standard controls over the security, the availability, and the confidentiality of the organisation’s data. The SOC 3 global standard covers the third-party report on the control environment and information security practices.

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In Conclusion

“There’s no space for fear and risk, because of Workplace”

Apart from all the strict measures being taken, Workplace also has some of the best engineers in the world working around the clock to make sure that it is the safest possible environment for businesses.

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