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Things nobody told you about hiring your dream team

If you’re just a dream team away from launching your startup, then you might want to know this, it’s going to take a while. After thinking your startup idea through, planning it to the last detail, you don’t want it to fail because you couldn’t get the best team on board. As much as you’re driven to launch your startup, you need a team that’s equally thrilled, and qualified. A team who’s strengths align with your business needs and are the right fit for your startup. And if you think hiring people for your business is anything less than a challenge, then you’re in for a surprise. Here are things nobody told you about hiring your dream team :

Be your first employee and then diversify

Not having to work for someone could have been your primary reason for launching a startup. But it doesn’t change the fact that you have to work even at your own business. And here’s when you’ve to realise that you might not have all the skills required for your startup, and even if you do, you wouldn’t have the time to manage everything single handedly. Your startup would definitely benefit from your skillset, but it’s crucial to gather the talent which you’re short of. You need to analyse your own strengths and weaknesses, and hire people who complement your qualities. Try involving dreamers, motivators, visionaries, implementers and collaborators in your business. This way, you’ll have a complete package in your team. 

Share the same vision

If you want your vision to take shape, you need your employees to share the same goals for your business as you do. Your employees would be working with you for multiple reasons; their own growth, experience, money, a stepping stone to their dream job and the list goes on. And rightly so, as far as your job is getting done efficiently on time, especially in the initial days, there’s not much to complain about. But, as your business expands towards its full capacity, you need dedicated employees to take your company to the height which you aim for. You require people who believe in your business or are ready to let your business grow on to them. Hire individuals who are prepared to deliver for your cause and understand the essence of your product.

Have a strong number two

This applies to numerous sectors. Moreover, it’s crucial to have a well defined hierarchy as it comes in handy while delegating tasks. It’s never a bad idea to have one project chairman for every project. Employees can then divide the responsibilities amongst themselves, but it’s important to have one person always in-charge to make a call. Even in your absence, this person should ensure a smooth functioning throughout all levels of your business. This person is someone you could trust and share a professional wavelength with. 


Lastly, resorting to a reputed recruiter for hiring your dream team can never really go in vain, so you should always keep your options open.  Once you’ve got your team in place here’s why you need to train them.

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