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The what, why and how of Workplace

The cloud can be confusing (top tip: it’s not a real cloud). But we want to make sure that your experience with Workplace is as clear and simple as possible.

So we’ve put together this list of 10 questions you probably have about Workplace, but might be too afraid to ask. If you’d like more detailed information about any of these points, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

1. Does Workplace require tons of training before people can use it?

No, it doesn’t. As the platform was built on user interface learnings from developing Facebook, it’s intuitive and easy to use from day one. And as over two billion people around the world use Facebook every month, chances are most of your workforce is going to be able to jump right in and start posting, joining groups and scrolling through the News Feed right away.

2. Is Workplace just a social network for my company?

Also no! While Workplace is a great way to change culture by making communication more transparent and two-way, it’s primarily a way to get work done.

‘It’s primarily a way to get work done’

From tools like multi-company groups (a shared space where employees can collaborate with clients, vendors or freelancers), to bots that automate manual work tasks, to integrations with Dropbox, Quip, Office 365, G-Suite and more, Workplace is all about helping people work smarter, faster and better together.

3. Are other organizations using Workplace?

You bet. Today, over 30,000 organisations worldwide are using Workplace. And the great thing is that they’re all different. Workplace works for large businesses like Starbucks, and it also works for smaller businesses like Blackberry Farm.

‘Because Workplace is so versatile it really does offer something for everyone’

It works for well established businesses like SeaOil just as well as it works for start ups like FarFetch. Because Workplace is so versatile it really does offer something for everyone.

4. I bet it’s expensive. Is it?

This is the really good news. You can try Workplace Premium for free right now. And then, if you like it, you only need to pay for the people who are actually using it every month. (Fair warning, though: this will be everyone.) And even then, Workplace has the most competitive pricing model around. You only pay a flat fee of $3 per user, per month, so it’s nice and simple.

5. What do you do with my company’s data?

This is an important one so let’s be really clear about it: Workplace operates independently to Facebook. Workplace user accounts are created separately, rather than using consumer Facebook accounts. As a Premium customer of Workplace, you are the controller of your data and are in full control of who can access it.

‘This is an important one so let’s be really clear about it: Workplace operates independently to Facebook’

We use this data to provide service to you and for things like billing, reporting and making improvements to the product based on useful insights. It’s all right there in our terms of use if you want to go over it in detail, but the bottom line is that you own and control the data you share.

6. How do I know my information is secure?

We take your security incredibly seriously. Which is why Workplace has been awarded its ISO27001, the International Organization for Standardization’s information security certification. We have some of the best engineers in the world working around the clock to make sure that Workplace is the safest possible environment for your business. Find out more about our security principles and compliance certificates here.

7. Is Workplace just the latest cool new tech product?

We think what you’re asking here is whether Workplace is going to feel like the kind of next generation IT platform that will knock people’s socks off. In which case the answer is, most definitely. Probably the coolest thing Workplace can do (aside from all the other cool things like video, chat and integrations) is automate all sorts of key (read: ‘boring’) company tasks like travel, invoices or even booking rooms. We do this using chat bots, which are like little pieces of AI that help you get stuff done.

8. Is Workplace just for office workers?

Workplace is for everyone. Really, everyone. It’s great for CEOs who want a more open and interactive style of top-down communication.

‘Workplace is for everyone. Really, everyone’

And it’s great for global teams to come together in a single space. But Workplace is especially great for mobile workers because it’s built for, well, mobile, which means all the tools and applications are easy to use while on the go. The power of Workplace is in bringing whole companies – not just individual teams – together.

9. Will I still have to send lots of emails?

Well, it’s up to you. But because Workplace is built for mobile, we’ve fully embraced the way people actually want to communicate on the go.

‘You’ll never be caught screaming at a tiny keyboard ever again’

That doesn’t mean clunky text. It means videos, photos, gifs, emojis and stickers. All of that stuff is available at the touch of a button in Workplace Chat so you’ll never be caught screaming at a tiny keyboard ever again.

10. Amazing. I’m sold. What do I do now?

Great, head on over to our website to start your 90-day free trial and see what Workplace is like for yourself!

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