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Supporting objective-driven organisations with Workplace for Good

Workplace from Facebook, an enterprise communication and collaboration platform, offers a suite of tools and features to connect and communicate easily. As it’s interface is like Facebook it’s easy for people to adapt and evolve. Workplace doesn’t just connect the people sitting on desks but also the people who are on the field with the frontline add-on, resulting in faster and efficient collaboration.

Workplace for Good is an initiative taken by Workplace from Facebook to support non-profit charitable organizations, so they can keep their people and communities connected. Workplace allows your employees to stay connected wherever they are. From leading project coordinators to remote volunteers, your organisation can stay connected, share important updates, discuss charitable campaigns using Groups chats, and get the best reactions with Video calls.

At Adosphere- Workplace from Facebook partner, we utilize the power Workplace every day. It helps us to stay updated regarding important updates regarding work, with Live video company leaders can easily connect with employees and discuss and declare further events and much more. Workplace from Facebook not only connects you with people in your organisation but also outside of your organisation. It enables organisations to diversify and showcase their ideas in the most seamless way possible. Whether you’re at the beginning of your Workplace journey or well underway, we are here to ensure the successful transformation of your organisation.

Empower your global communities with Workplace

With Workplace you can broadcast your vision with the entire organisation, share information and receive bottom-up feedback. Collaborate and manage your teams from across the globe as communities regardless of job, location or time zone. With Workplace from Facebook offering more than 80+ integrations your organisation can automate processes and make the communication more efficient. As Workplace is available in 46 different languages, your organisation can break the language barriers faced globally. 

The magnitude of problems faced by non-profit charitable organisations is huge, Workplace can become the helping hands your organisation needs. Save the Children a non-profit organisation uses Workplace to share effective practices around their global organisation, such as proper hand-washing lessons and fun games to make the children smile. See how Workplace changed the knowledge is shared globally.


As the most complex issues can be solved with being a connected organisation, Workplace enables to be a single network to learn, share and experience knowledge and learning in a great way. Workplace groups allow your organisation to leverage real-time communication and make real-time decisions that influence lives. More than 30,000+ Organisations trust Workplace for better communication and collaboration.

How Workplace is helping non-profit organisations?

Workplace aims at solving real-world problems, with the most efficient solutions, using Workplace your organisation can solve multiple problems such as Education and training new joiners, connecting the frontline staff with Head-Quarters across desktop and mobile devices, FYI groups can be created to keep your employees stay updated for organisation-wide announcements, diaster relief processes can be automated, and so much more.

Using Workplace’s multi-company groups your organisation’s employees can connect with volunteers outside your organisation to drive change. It enables organisations to go beyond their ways of traditional communication and stay connected with their global networks.

“It’s important to stay in touch with our program’s alumni and volunteers. Workplace is the only solution we have tried that has allowed our global network to stay connected. It has lowered organizational costs and the time we spend in meetings.”

– Shobit Mathur, Executive Director of Vision India Foundation

Let us take it from here

Workplace offers limitless possibilities for not only to share knowledge but share experiences. It allows you to break the barriers of old communication styles. Workplace gives a voice to everyone and enables your organisation to share new ideas, innovations and help people across the world. Let us Adosphere, be your helping hand in changing the world to a better place. 


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