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Every organization aims for betterment and growth as a success, and smooth communication is the key to it. With people or employees communicating and sharing opinions and ideas, it is essential to build a connection that empowers the evolution and innovation in the organization. Connection leads to the development of an organization. Workplace from Facebook presents a connectivity platform to help an organization collaborate, communicate, and connect with people internally and externally with the help of innovative features that smoothens the administration of the organization with a novel experience.

We, Adosphere from Facebook Partner, constantly strive to assist the organizations to meet the challenges with support and recognition so that it becomes easier for the employees to be able to collaborate, connect and communicate with engagement being the driving force in making work easier. 

Only 14% of business leaders are pleased with their organization’s ability to communicate and collaborate, pointing to the inability of the employees to connect and so a regression in the engagement. Well, the engagement of people with distinctive values brings an impact on the quality of the work with reward as work satisfaction. Thus building connection is essential to yielding engagement among people and engagement resulting in the contribution of employees with better understanding, bringing in the need for collaboration to radiate worldwide. 

How Workplace from Facebook contributes in connecting people globally?

Workplace from Facebook introduces features that amplify the voices reaching out to places with its connectivity options.


The Chat feature by Workplace lets employees share important messages, files, or links with employees.


Workplace allows people to form customized groups to connect with people, sharing ideas, opinions, files, documents to have effortless communication among employees. It even enables you to share the GIFs, emojis, or a simple thumbs-up and lets you share the on-road location with anyone, anytime, anywhere.


Workplace has introduced an option of Live Video for instant communication, connecting people and allowing them with the Video Caption and high-quality video that restricts noise with a focus on the speaker’s voice. 

Q&A and Polls

This acts as a tool to note the opinions of the employees and their views and even undertake the feedback as a response to any particular approach in the organization that connects the community, recognizing them.  

Access Codes

Workplace efficiently connects the frontline workers with the employees whether or not having their email ids through access codes that help them communicate throughout with ease. 

With 320,000 employees across 4,000 locations in 190 countries, Nestlé is the largest food and beverage company in the world that held its geographically dispersed team together with the help of Workplace from Facebook, connecting their employees together bringing innovation with principles. Cristina Macina from Nestlé sides with Workplace from Facebook, working miraculously to connect their employees in different parts of the world.

“We’ve seen the inspiration and innovation that come from simply connecting people who don’t speak the same language or have never been able to interact.”

Stay connected, stay updated with the amazing stories and notable features from Workplace from Facebook, amplifying your contribution towards a constantly revolving and evolving world. “Better Together”.

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