Performance Marketing

Rowing 5 key values of Performance Marketing for any startup.

The world is in the continuous drift towards getting something valuable in exchange for the value they accord. Be it the giver or the receiver as we talk about the seller and the buyer. The giver aims to gain either profit or brand value and the receiver aims the worthiness and trust. Escalating through the importance of the gains, every startup is shifting to marketing schemes that are transparent and competent with the help of Performance Marketing. 

Performance Marketing stands out as measurable online marketing programs and advertising programs to make a sale. It allows the user/advertiser to pay precisely for the action that can generate a lead, a sale, a click, or more than an upfront charge with the help of publishers. Performance Marketing as a binder plays an important role in analyzing the ways to convert leads into sales and hit it right for the startups. The campaign actions can now be tracked and measured which can help analyze and optimize the campaign. Some key aspects of Performance Marketing that acts as a driving force for the startups can help you understand the need for Performance Marketing.


Performance Marketing is an open marketing scheme, a program that can help marketers and advertisers/publishers track and measure the actions on the advertisements with the help of a number of clicks on the advertisement. This helps in concluding the performance marketing strategy and optimize it with appropriate solutions, refining the success for the startups.  

Focuses on ROI

Performance Marketing allows the publisher of the advertisement to pay after the action is taken or clicked on. This allows the startups to trust the process to be at low risk and enables them to make an investment smart enough to gain returns keeping an update on the competitors.  

Self Reliance

The advertisement program links the advertiser with the publisher that specializes in the functions and strategies for the advertisement to be published. This process comes out to be transparent and clear as it can be measured and tracked to be able to put trust making one feel self-supported and informed with the outcomes.

Targeted performance for different platforms

Performance Marketing acts differently on different platforms just like the algorithm of Facebook is different than that of Instagram and lets you operate differently. Each media varies in the terms of audiences as well as the tools to reach them out. This makes it a customizable program depending on the choice of the medium and different ways to measure and analyze the performance of the advertisements in startups. 


The digital platforms is a pool of information and an approach to customer needs. The platforms provide various ways and tacts in order to try and experiment with the strategies as well as evaluate the actions in order to generate leads as well as sales with brand awareness for the startups.

Performance Marketing plays an important role in formulating the campaigns for the startups, seemingly ensuring the customers, buying products or services online with brand awareness. Gustavo Geraldes, Founder, and CEO of a marketing firm, Milkit talks to Forbes, “Performance marketing should be leveraged by all companies. It allows you to tap into a massive amount of affiliates or media buyers who specialize in all traffic sources. This can help you identify which traffic sources are converting, what creatives are doing well, what the average cost per acquisition is, and allows you to use this data to double down on those traffic sources and aggressively scale,” 

Performance Marketing is widely used by the advertisers and the publishers to market their business and generate ROI for their startups on different paid marketing channels counting on, Native Advertising, Sponsored Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Advertising, and Search Engine Marketing, each benefitting with different controls and means in the growth of startups. We, with our Marketing Acceleration Program, aim to brief people on the benefits of marketing and branding for startups and provide services that can help build a startup as a brand. 

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