Our services span over three key areas. Each area is equally important to make your Transformation successful.

Set Up

Have you reached a point where you are seriously considering digital transformation at your organisation ? We will help you understand how WORKPLACE can do that for you. Connect with us and we will travel the journey of making right decisions with you.

A series of sessions that piece together the why, who, what, how and when for Workplace giving you clarity and confidence to move forward.

  • Value Proposition for Workplace
  • Product Tour
  • Executive Engagement
  • Group structure
  • Communication strategy
  • Early Champions and training
  • Technical integration
  • Launch Strategy and tactics


We’re here to empower and supplement your project team where you need us. We’ve launched World’s one the largest Workplace Instance with 250,000 accounts.

  • Successful Launch of Workplace ( Claiming Accounts )
  • Internal Campaigns to Launch
  • Learning Modules for organization-wide Employees
  • Engagement Plan and Execution
  • Training and Development
  • Demonstrate value to individuals and teams
  • Early Analysis and Insights
  • Monthly Report


The best work happens when Workplace is central to your employee experience and used by your people every day. With partnership program you’ll get a dedicated Workplace Team who will bring in the services and support you need to achieve an effortless employee experience.

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