Insights on how to write a blog in 5 minutes

The blog is described as the means for expression, thoughts, opinions, and sense of the writer. In our case the company aka organization aka startup. Basically, communication! Once you as a startup step into the market, initially all that matters is the vision, opinions, and thoughts of the startups as a coin of trust and authority. This way it creates awareness among the audiences by its web presence, sharing the ideas online, and lets you communicate and interact with the audiences. The trend has been about sharing personal views on a matter and exchanging thoughts on different topics on different platforms or their domain. And allow me to vouch, it has the greatest influence worldwide. 

Saying too much about the blogs but the blogs are the actual ‘main man’ behind the scenes in any startup by reflecting its values and making marketing uncomplicated. A sense of validation to your thoughts. Research, a guide on the topic you are willing to consume or get high on (oops!). But But But… The common mistake every writer makes is either keeping it too subtle or keeping it too complicated whereas all it needs to be is clear and concise. And time barrier is never defined or it is highly defined and refined to lose the track, I mean, the line. Hence, stopping where you need and finding the purpose fulfilled is just like Finding Nemo or maybe Dory or…Okay! *enters*, the ways to create the blog in 5 minutes, with a sense of responsibility to make it effective and meaningful. Yes, just 5 minutes. 

PS: Don’t be confused, I am not trying to sell anything!

But first let’s be clear about the prior actions you need to make like, What do you do? Who is your ideal audience?, What are you helping them with?

Be Vintage, use pen and paper for a bit!

The sole purpose of the blog is to fulfill the purpose of writing. And the fundamental of writing is communication. The world is bound by technology, understood! But you don’t give up on existing friends just because you find new ones. Too personal. Accelerating, Collect your thoughts and list down the purpose of your writing, and pen down the thoughts say major points you want to cover through the blog. 

Research your topic of expression

You might think why would we suggest you research right after penning down the thoughts already. But before you lose your opinion it is advisable to keep your thoughts safe and then refer to the existing data in case you want to switch or debate. This gives balance to the content you publish in order to pitch the ideology. 

Clear the misconceptions

You might experience a bulk of content on the same topic. Be smart enough to understand where do you think there are loopholes and need to have clarity. Misleading and spamming and even spoofing with the words is quite common these days. Make sure you lead the readers to the right information by clearing off the misconceptions among the readers and driving them to the point. Try to simplify the jargon.

Speak your mind

This is the time when you channelize your thoughts and just start typing with the essentials as well as aesthetics in your piece. Life is a race and you must not stop thinking wisely. Readers are thoughtful people who want to gain something by investing their time, reading your piece. Be precise and clear. The stuffing never works. You must be direct and structure your thoughts into starting, middle and last part of the blog. But don’t postpone your message to the middle part of the blog in order to be creative. Hone for your message. Communicate so that the readers can hear. Describe the topic sentences but claim it as well. End with a clear conclusion.

Spell check and Proofread.

A hell of a task, right? But hey, we are running out of time now. Quickly. Practice reading your content in a go in order to understand the tone and voice of your blog. The sentences must be intelligent enough to communicate and fashionable to sound interesting. It’s a skill that you cultivate. But it must not lose the clarity. So if not, here cut there cut everywhere cut cut and sharpen your message wherever it can be. Well, have an overview and TING! Your blog is ready to eat, publish.

Concluding it in an instant-mix, 
  1. Jot down the meaning and purpose of your blog.
  2. Conduct quick research to justify your thoughts.
  3. Shape and hone your message.
  4. Craft it down.
  5. Spell-check and Proofread your blog.

The blog thus comes out as illuminating overview of your thoughts you want to convey, making an impact on the readers. Blog is a win-win element for the business reflecting its own self among the people online. The only thing that keeps you on track is “Clear writing means Clear thinking” which matters the most to the business with of course other factors with marketing and growth strategy. And that is where the Marketing Acceleration Program aces it landing you in the right place right time and right message with the well-crafted content strategy aligned to the core values of the startups.

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