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How to reconnect with dead leads?

Let’s talk about the sentence every sales person would hate to say, ‘these are dead leads now’. Lead generation is a process which takes a lot of effort to locate, engage and nourish leads and to patiently wait until the lead is closed. But, sometimes there’s also a question, is the lead really a dead lead? Because, if your pitch game was strong then there might be a future opportunity as the prospect can change their mind. But, if the lead is actually dead then let’s look at how you can reconnect with them: 

Retargeting via Ads

Retargeting your prospects via social platforms or digital marketing ads could be a great way to re-spark their interest in your product or service. Retargeting can help prospects build more interest in your product or service as they’ve shown interest in them before, and due this the conversion of those dead leads would be higher.

Multiple point of contact

Leads usually die due to multiple reasons but this is a major one, as it depends on the performance of a sales rep. A lead is usually reached out with a single platform at a specific time in which almost every salesperson calls. Due to this, a lead gets irritated and ends up being a dead lead. So, to resolve this you can contact leads on different platforms and also at different times. Because, the lead might not be able to parse time for you at that time, but contacting them again at a different time which is comfortable to them on various platforms, can help build long-term relationships.

Organise events and webinars

Organising engaging events and webinars which provide useful and relevant information to the prospects about your product or service help a lot. These events have powerful potential and can be used as powerful sales tools. 

Identify Pain Points

Knowing what your prospect is seeking is the best advantage you can have to revive dead leads. And identifying the pain points of the prospects and targeting exactly those pain points whilst selling your product or service, can help you crack that lead.

With all of the effort of connecting with a dead lead is just a small part of what goes on in a startup. There’s a lot more to look at than just sales, such as branding, social media, betterment of internal processes, communication strategies, growth strategies and more. Not to worry, with our Marketing Acceleration Program (MAP) we will guide you to strategic growth. Learn more about our MAP here.

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