Marketing Acceleration Program

How to make the most of the Marketing Acceleration Program, MAP?

Talking about startups, it has nerve-ending to-dos while cracking in the market. Not cracking jokes! The concerns get you with the very first step even with the pro-active plans, be it from branding to marketing and execution metrics for business growth along with the pitch. The loop-hole is, it is important to explore the basics of the market and business strategy in order to be comfortable in the market. The factor that takes a lot is subsistence with the time with the responsibility of building a startup.

The exact point where We, mobilizing people online, provide you with MAP, the marketing acceleration program plays its role taking care of A to Z’s of the processes and communication while you focus on building great products. We position ourselves as a communication company that drives help in transforming businesses together with outreach programs and better strategies. Once a startup for startups as a one. 

We pitch our Marketing Acceleration Program as a service to strategically orient and accelerate the startups towards growth and development in the market with a line of communication through branding and marketing and dynamic business processes. The program comprises three milestones to mark your presence as well as contribution to the market in the terms of design, digital branding, and media strategy. The classification, ‘Branding & Packaging’, ‘ Communication and Growth Strategy’, and ‘Business Processes’ just to map the growth of the startups in a chaotic marketplace, just like the calm in the chaos. But the center of the blog, how do you make the most of MAP or say these milestones? Let us walk a mile.

Milestone 1

Branding & Packaging 

This is the very thing that makes you able to be identified in the market with the assets like Brand Identity, Brand Name, Design, Products, Logos, and more just like a Speak Yourself process with the thorough acknowledgment to the vision and roots of the startup. With the use of resources and knowledge, this segment gives an appeal to the startups to reach out to the audiences and the market tangibly with imperatives. The phase shapes your startup and products in a way that appeals to the sensory and makes your service/products tangible. This refers to the Marks, Colors, Logo, Collaterals, Packaging, Stationary, Brand Book, and much more that defines your startup just a session away with an alignment and better understanding of the vision of the company and goals. This benefits the startup in its building phase with touchpoints to communicate better in the market.

Milestone 2

Communication and Growth Strategy

This refers to the process of contemplating a strategic approach to the plan of action for the growth of the startup in the right direction suitable to the brand. It refers to the strategy to communicate and grow in the market in a way the startups and their products/services stand out with a voice of their own. Aloud! But subtly. It is important for the startup to reflect its values to position itself in the market with a gain of trust as well as a sale. This involves thorough research to compete in the market along with building the brand architecture defining the company structure that helps to position the startup in the market to be differentiated from the competitors with a deflection. With positioning, the phase analyzes the right communication strategy applicable to the social media as well as performance tacts with an apt matter in the content. It is more about moving ideas but with a better connection and network! The process yields us the pattern and the style of behavior and actions to be followed for the better and lucrative growth of the startup. 

Milestone 3

Internal Business Processes

The third phase mainly focuses on productivity in the startups for a clear and smooth functioning to overcome every challenge together as a ‘WE’ and ‘OUR’. Internal communication being the key and important factor of any company but quite tricky sometimes challenges the growth of the startup and a small dent later has a greater impact with a hindrance towards the success. The process benefits from defining the communication method with a better understanding and clarity of the static and dynamic processes of the startup. 

Through these milestones, we aim to provide a service to transform business together for the growth and success of the companies while you focus on the business. We are just a session away to discuss your path to success. 

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