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Growing the Workplace community and accelerating our commitment to video

Workplace has reached 5 million paid customers, and is releasing new video features to meet the changing demands of work.

Since launching in 2016, we’ve built Workplace to meet the needs of all types of workers. Because we believe that everyone deserves modern, flexible tools to help them get the job done, whether they work behind a desk or a till, in a factory or a hospital, at home or in a corporate HQ.

Our customers agree. Last October, we announced that the number of paid customers using Workplace reached 3 million. As of Q1 this year, that number now exceeds 5 million. In the past six months we’ve welcomed new paying customers including Petco, Adeo, Sephora, Virgin Australia, Lojas Renner S.A, Ajinomoto, Smartsheet, TietoEVRY and Delivery Hero.

The journey to 5m customers

The journey to 5m paying customers

Not only are we welcoming new customers, we’re also seeing significant increases in usage from existing customers as they rely on Workplace to keep their people informed, connected and productive during these challenging times.

“Our Workplace journey began in 2015. Today, Workplace integrates with all our work tools and has been transformative to our culture. Workplace helps us get the job done – providing a platform for colleagues to connect, collaborate and find important company information and resources.”

–  Craig Hoey, Digital Lead, Business Communications, NatWest Group

In fact, this trend goes beyond Workplace – we’re observing new ways people are using Facebook’s entire family of apps to get work done.

Many frontline and essential workers – like those working in grocery stores or local retail businesses – are using Facebook to connect with their work colleagues. Since the launch of Work Groups, more than 20 million monthly active people have created 170,000 groups to complete everyday tasks like shift swapping.

Accelerating the future of work through video collaboration

One of the most important trends in the world of work is the shift to remote work driven by the current global pandemic. We believe this is a trend that will have lasting consequences. Not least because it has acquainted millions of people with the power of video collaboration and the importance of video presence when working remotely.

“With the switch to remote work, it was difficult for our teams to stay connected and work together. Workplace’s video tools have helped us stay informed and have made it easier for people to collaborate. Our leadership really loves using Live Video to give regular updates and bring people together.”

–  Emma Mehaffey, General Manager, Culture and Employee Experience, Virgin Australia

In the future, the ability to feel connected even while we’re apart, will be central to the way organizations grow their culture and get work done. Building on our strength of helping companies create that culture, we’re doubling down on our commitment to video presence with features that accelerate our vision for the future of work.

Workplace Rooms

Workplace Rooms is a virtual meeting space with unlimited meeting time that makes it easier than ever to connect with up to 50 people – even if they’re not in your company or don’t have a Workplace account. We’re using the same technology from the recent Messenger Rooms announcement and adapting it to the enterprise, transforming video collaboration for businesses.

Live Producer

Broadcasting live from your phone is a great way to touch base with your team. Now we’re adding Live Producer, for when performance really matters. With Live Producer, you can stream reliable, high-quality live video straight from your computer, and access new features like screen sharing, Q&As, polls and real-time health metrics.

Live Q&A

Live Q&A allows leaders to engage with their audience by crowdsourcing questions during live events such as town halls and Ask Me Anything sessions. Given the increased need for leadership teams everywhere to listen to and stay connected to their employees, Live Q&A offers a consumer-grade experience to engage with their entire workforce.

Live Captions, Translations & Caption Editing

Automatic captions in multiple languages make live broadcasts more inclusive and accessible, giving your audience, including those with hearing disabilities and different language proficiencies, an easy way to follow along. Our auto-generated translations help you save time, while in-line editing ensures captions are not only correct but aligned with the video timing.

New Workplace on Portal Features

We’re announcing Workplace Live on Portal, which gives Workplace users a professional broadcast experience by using Portal’s Smart Camera and Smart Sound to engage with their colleagues. We’ll add the ability to Watch Workplace Live on Portal in June.

Finally, we’re adding support for Workplace on Portal TV and Workplace Rooms on Portal, which lets you invite up to 50 people on a group call with the ability to add custom backgrounds during video calls, soon.

We’ll be rolling out all these features to Workplace customers in June, and we’ll be making Workplace Rooms available for free to all Workplace customers until December 2020.

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