Tools to bring your company together

Workplace isn’t just another chat tool. It’s a suite of features that integrate with your existing work tools, giving you and everyone in your business simple, familiar ways to share information with the right people at the right time. So you can keep everyone in touch and on track to achieve your goals.

Engage your employees with your message


Tired of long, confusing email threads? Groups are a better way to hold in-depth discussions and share info and documents.

Create separate groups for each team or project, invite the right people, and start posting updates, files, photos and videos.

You can decide how private you want each group to be and who’s allowed to post. And you can even mark posts as important when you need to make sure everyone sees them.

Live video broadcasting

Live video is the most authentic way to communicate news and announcements to your team or company. Go live on your phone or create premium events straight from your computer.

Add Live video captions and translations to engage people wherever they are, and get real-time feedback through comments, reactions, polls or Q&As.

News Feed

Everyone in your company gets their own personalized News Feed. Powered by advanced AI, this scrolling stream of posts shows each employee the most important information at any given time.

So you can be sure they’ll be kept up to date with the information that matters, without getting distracted by the rest.

Knowledge Library

Knowledge Library is a place to create, store and share static content like HR policies or working from home advice on desktop or mobile.

It’s simple to use without IT support, and sits alongside your Chat threads, Group posts and Live videos to make all your company knowledge accessible and discoverable.

Engage your employees with your message

Integrations with existing tools

Workplace connects with tools you’re already using.

With over 50 integrations with the world’s leading cloud services – from Office 365 and G Suite to Dropbox, Salesforce and SharePoint – it makes it easier to bring employees on board, discover documents and work together.

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Workplace Chat

Think Facebook Messenger. But for business.

Workplace Chat is ideal for quick conversations, allowing you to contact anyone in your business, and communicate with GIFs, stickers, emojis or an iconic thumbs-up. Send voice clips, run polls and even share your current location with colleagues if you’re on the road.

Voice and video calls

Make voice and HD video calls 1-to-1 or in groups, all at the touch of a button on mobile or desktop.

For true video collaboration, create a Workplace Room and send a link for up to 50 people to join on desktop, mobile or Portal, even if they’re not on Workplace. Take advantage of in-call experiences like screen-share and host controls.

Multi-Company Groups

No company is an island. When you need to work with people from another organization, multi-company groups let you collaborate with external teams, partners, suppliers and customers in a secure space.

With threaded comments and easy document sharing, you’ll no longer need to search through lengthy email chains to keep track of decisions.

Get feedback and ideas from your people


When was the last time you had a conversation with everyone in your company over email?

With Workplace groups, it’s easy to start a discussion with a post and hear how people are responding in comments.

And unlike with email chains, the comments are threaded, making it easy to follow the discussion and keep track of decisions.


As well as commenting, people can also post reactions.

They’re a familiar, lightweight way for people to express themselves. And they give you a quick sense of how your colleagues are feeling about whatever’s being discussed.


Need to get input from your employees into company decisions?

Polls let you set up multiple options for people to choose from, so you can collectively decide anything from what to ask the CEO at the monthly Q&A, to where your team should go for lunch.


When you need to go a little more in depth, take the pulse of your organization with a survey.

Pose whatever questions you need, choose whether you want people to answer in their own words or choose from a set of options, and send your survey to whichever people you choose over Workplace Chat.

Access Codes

With most work tools, you need an email address to get started. With Workplace, anybody can get connected quickly and easily whether they have an email address or not. Just send them a unique Access Code via text message or post, and they can enter it on Workplace to get started.

Identity provider integrations and SSO

ntegrations with identity provides like Azure AD, G Suite and Okta make adding people as secure as possible. And single sign-on makes it quicker and easier for your people to log in to Workplace, as it lets them use their details from your existing identity provider.

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Every person in your company gets their own profile when they join Workplace so you can see what they look like, where they work, what they do and how they fit into your organization.