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Ensuring the best productive experience with Microsoft and Workplace from Facebook

Having a workforce which drives change and innovation requires the right tools and technologies to function. And, during collaboration, it’s crucial to provide a secure working environment. Workplace from Facebook and Microsoft brings you all the tools and features you need to have a seamless work experience. Having a better working environment helps in driving productivity and the teams can connect and collaborate better. 

Workplace makes it easy for the whole enterprise and its culture to connect and communicate easily. On the other hand, Microsoft Teams offers a helping hand by empowering users to collaborate on real-time tasks. As communication is vital for increasing productivity, Workplace integrates with the best industry tools.

We at Adosphere, Workplace from Facebook partner utilize Microsoft tools very effectively. Office 365 allows us to share files without having to leave Workplace, Sharepoint provides a secure preview of all the links and documents and so much more. These tools not only enable organisations to increase productivity but drive innovation.

Make collaboration more collaborative

Office 365 can be fully integrated into Workplace, which means that users can entirely leverage the right tools to share and collaborate within Workplace itself. Workplace provides your organisation to have a centralised hub for all your teamwork and communication. And, Microsoft teams assist in providing that collaborative experience. Workplace also connects with Azure for better user management and authentication.

The entire organisation can work together, in real-time to achieve more together. Thanks to these tools they can share the documents and not only that, but the knowledge-sharing aspect is also taken care of, to ensure simpler sharing and provide an easy path to find documents. Workplace from Facebook helps in building more tactile relationships so employees can deliver their best work.

Enhancing productivity together

Cross-functional knowledge sharing enables the employees to go beyond just collaborating. It enables them to fulfil the true vision of the organisation. Every year, Microsoft honors global partners that have delivered exceptional experiences. Workplace from Facebook is a proud nominee for the ‘2020 Security Trailblazer Award for driving joint security innovation’. These tools when tied together help drive more agility and innovation in the organisation.  

“Workplace is a top 10 partner for Microsoft Identity. We have jointly invested in identity security innovation to deliver secure and friction-free experiences for mutual customers. Our continued priority is partnering to ensure that individuals and corporations remain safe and productive when using their critical business applications.”

– Joy Chik, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Identity

Driving change together

Being connected could solve the most complex problems resulting in better productive outcomes. Workplace from Facebook and Microsoft, both organisations aim at driving better innovation and provide purpose-driven solutions to customers. And, to assess this the right tools and technologies should be accessible to your employees. We, Adosphere, Workplace from Facebook partner are here to ensure your successful transformation. More than 30,000+ organisations across the globe trust Workplace from Facebook, is yours next?

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