Connected organisation with Workplace from Facebook

Connected Organisation, with Workplace from Facebook

The future belongs to connected companies, as connection and communication is the key to a successful employee experience, resulting in better productivity. In connected organisations, people tend to work faster as there is no miscommunication either be it projects or meetings, Workplace covers it all. Building better connections is a substantial task for any organisation. 

None feel the impact of miscommunication as keenly as the frontline employees. Be it, health employees, waiters, our food delivery agents or factory workers and more. They have to be in good communication with everyone in order to deliver the best customer experiences and services. 

And, not only the frontline staff but the employees sitting behind the desk also need to have the required tools and technologies to ideate and innovate products. Workplace from Facebook, not only connects your organisation with chats, live videos, multi-company groups and more, but also provides you with the tools you need to function seamlessly. 

But, how to ensure a successful transformation without any problems? Well, we got you covered here, Adosphere, Workplace from Facebook partner is experienced for over a decade of mobilising customers online for companies. We are here to ensure that your organisation gets a successful transformation. 

Connecting everyone from frontline staff to CXO executives

If the employees have a hard time communicating with colleagues then without a doubt it’s hard for frontline staff to connect with the right people. Workplace from Facebook offers the right communication factors to connect with the right people at the right time. From integrations to hosting Q&A’s it offers users multiple ways to simplify their workflow.

Workplace enables organisations to provide easy access to tools that help in improving their collaboration experience. With Multi-company groups, one can easily connect with someone outside of their organisation, how useful! Leaders can use Live sessions to connect and engage with their employees to share new products and services, even take live feedback. 

It’s said that people follow the path of leaders if the CXO executives are onboard the growth of the digital transformation of the company becomes easier. Kering, an international group based in Paris specialized in luxury goods. Their 85% of people at Kering are active Workplace users. Using Workplace from Facebook, Kering was able to connect and share better across all of its 35,000+ employees across the world.

Connected Organisation

Are you ready to connect better than ever?

Key points on how your organisation is benefiting with Workplace from Facebook:

  • Connect and communicate with anyone, be it in the organisation or across the world.
  • Collaborate within and outside the organisation easily.
  • One-click integrations to make your workflow easier.
  • Significant easy adaption.
  • From chat, live video to file sharing, and so much more all in one place.
  • Connect everyone from frontline to CXO executives.

The potential of a connected organisation is unimaginable. We are here to ensure you acquire the tools and technologies that help your employees go beyond their true potential of hard work. Workplace from Facebook provides a centralized experience of communication and collaboration within one space. 

Let’s transform the future together.


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