Introducing Adosphere Solutions

Solutions for Workplace Members

Implementing Workplace with Adosphere comes with many benefits, including our suite of solutions and integrations. Delight your employees and reduce friction in their busy work lives by implementing our automation bots, customisations, and more!


Community Management

Content Plan

We will plan all the content you will need to share with your stakeholders. Whether it is company related, HR related or training related. You need not worry about the content.

Activity Calendar

We will schedule a calendar for you which will ensure a successful launch of the workplace in your company. The calendar will include digital engagement activities that you can perform on the workplace to keep the platform alive whether it is for leadership engagement or for quarterly meets. This will help you drive the digital transformation.

Amplify Culture


Run your organisation’s recognition/awards program through Workplace. For example: formally nominate a colleague; manager approvals / commentary; anonymous vs public; share recognition to one or more Workplace groups; reporting / dashboards; leader boards. We will help you conduct such recognition events on the workplace platform.


Training is an important part of your Workplace launch program. A Workplace launch training will prepare your Workplace team to equip them with best practices and processes. Training programs make your team prepared and help build a strong company culture. We will also plan and perform your company wide workplace training which will ensure higher engagement among your employees.

Question and Answers Session

Polls let you set up multiple options for people to choose from, so you can collectively decide anything from what to ask the CEO at the monthly Q&A, to where your team should go for lunch. We will set up and develop Question and Answer sessions on the workplace platform for you to get you going.


When you need to go a little more in depth, take the pulse of your organization with a survey, We will help you develop the questionnaires for all the surveys and any departments, you need to get done on the Workplace platform.

Live Session

Live video is the most authentic way to communicate news and announcements to your team or company. We will help you with the schedule of going live on your phone and create premium events straight from your computer. We will make sure all your live sessions are successful. Add Live video captions and translations to engage people wherever they are, and get real-time feedback through comments, reactions, polls or Q&As.

Amplify Culture


We will create the relevant content for your company or for specific departments for Workplace learning and adoption. which will help your employees to keep up with the culture change and constantly develop their skills. Learn more about the value of listening to employees on the Workplace blogs and FAQs

Learning Modules

Get employees engaged with learning and development programs that leverage knowledge sharing at scale. We will use Workplace to deliver personalized learning & development to all members of your organization.

News and Updates

Unblock the obstacles to the free-flow of information on business news and updates. We will transform people’s ability to communicate, take action, and stay updated with the industry and profession.

Customised Bots

With custom integrations for Workplace, it’s now possible to build powerful bots that can interact with people in groups and chat. We can build a bot for you that automatically posts content into groups, responds to questions with extra information or takes action when mentioned in comments on a post.