Talk to everyone

Companies move at the speed of information. That’s why Workplace makes sure important messages get to the right people at the right time in the right way.

Reach the right people at the right time

Quickly get information to the people who need it, whether it’s the entire company, your department or just your teammates.


Find your audience in seconds, whether it’s an Official Group for company announcements, or a Closed Group for team updates.

Mark as Important

Pin important updates to the top of everybody’s News Feed, and send an email notification to guarantee everyone gets the news.

Scheduled Posts

Choose the best time to draft and share updates with global teams.

Capture people’s attention

You can’t be yourself in an email. Workplace uses video and rich posts to make communication more engaging, while automatic translations ensure no one misses out.

Live video

Go Live from your phone, laptop or studio to share big announcements like quarterly earnings.

Rich posts

Use video, GIFs, images and Office 365 doc previews to make posts more fun and engaging.


One-touch translations into 46 languages make information accessible to everyone.

Measure the impact

Understand who’s listening to your messages, and how they feel, with simple tools to track views, sentiment and engagement on employee communications.


Go Live from your phone, laptop or studio to share big See how your communications are performing with key metrics like post sentiment and reach.

Group insights

Get analytics to help you uncover your most popular Groups and top contributors.


Check out the number and range of Reactions to get a hot take on how people feel about a post.

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