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Checklist for your social media plan

Today in the 21st century, social media is a game everyone is trying to excel at. Many among us can’t imagine a life without social media.  And, not only normal people but brands and companies also turn to social media to create their unique presence in this digital world. It’s said that for social media consistency is the key, but for that, you need a plan, a checklist to guide you in the right direction to set you up for success on this journey. Well, here is the checklist that you’ve been searching for:

Know your target audience

This would be the first step to developing your plan, you should know who you’re selling your product to. If you know the audience you can create your content based on different personas. By knowing your audience you will be able to design campaigns that cater to their needs and this would enable you to build long-lasting relationships.

Define Goals 

Once you’ve got your audience sorted out, goals should be the next step. If you perform any action on social media, there should be a reason for an end goal you’re trying to achieve. Having your end goals defined helps you to plan out your strategy effectively and helps provide the right value to your audience.

Choose the right social platforms

Knowing the right platform for nailing at your social media game is vital. You should know where your future audience resides, so you can get the best possible results. For e.g. Instagram relies on visuals for conversations. As a result, the businesses which are visual-based such as art, food, retail, etc. would be able to achieve more. And, if we compare LinkedIn, it has a very narrow focus for networking with people. This would be a great platform for b2b businesses providing product/service as lead generation, networking, and more can be achieved with it. 

Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are great to acquire new users. Including the appropriate hashtags that relate to your content in your posts is a great way to lead to higher engagement, and boost your brand’s social media presence. Also, to create a unique presence and connect with the social media audiences better, brands also have their own ‘branded hashtag’, that’s unique to their business.

Use the right tools

The right tools by your side, to help you automate the routine tasks, can help in saving time and important resources that can be invested somewhere else. For example, posting content on social media is going to be an everyday task, then a scheduling tool that posts on behalf of you would be of great help.

Listen to your social channels

If you are not tracking and monitoring your insights that you gain from all your social channels then it is a waste of effort. Tracking and monitoring your data can help in optimizing your social media strategy. 

There you have it, here is a social media strategy checklist to help you get started on this endeavour. The way we use and utilize social media is changing day by day, so we have to evolve with it. 

But, social media is just one aspect of any startup to exceed at. Many other areas such as branding, content strategies, improvisation of internal business processes and so much more are also there to take care of. Well, not to worry, our Marketing Acceleration Program (MAP) is here to help you achieve all of this and more effectively. Learn more about it here.

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