Case study for mercedes

Case Study of the leading luxury car brand, Mercedes-Benz

Every top-notch brand once was a startup with innovative and experimental growth strategies with respective market niches in particular. The groundbreaking ideas turned out into successful startups with the gut feeling worth a risk with a calculated scope of profit. A lot of big companies kept on evolving with big ideas towards change and market. If we think of a luxury car in the automobile industry, Mercedes never fails to pop out. The car brand, designed for safety and power has come a long way with style and class, tagging luxury among consumers with its market value and marketing strategy all along. But who would want to believe it is a startup that came far with its horsepower and experience to be one of the leading automotive brands.

Mercedes-Benz has always been noticed for its durability and power since it’s the hour of birth as a brand at a race in Nice. The European marketing strategist and an automobile entrepreneur drove the machine under the pseudonym “Monsieur Mercédès”, promoting “horseless” Daimler automobiles among the highest circles of society, later evolving into one of the best automotive brands in the world.

Mercedes-Benz’s origin lies with the creation of Karl Benz’s first internal combustion engine in a car financed with dowry and Gottlieb Daimler and Wilheim Maybach’s conversion of a stagecoach by the addition of petrol engine marketed by Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG).

A luxury car brand, Mercedes Benz keeps on constantly evolving by enhancing its technology at a cutting edge with elegant designs to reach out to new prospective customers. The brand makes sure to reach both existing and prospective customers with bespoke ads that fit different stages of the purchase journey, reconfirming the trust in the brand. 

The brand’s marketing strategy has laid its impact on people regarding safety and luxury for years. With an increase in competition and customer attitudes, the strategy now has a notable shift of focus, more on its style, oriented to the class and lifestyle of the consumers with an energetic and youthful side of Mercedes. The marketing strategy staples the target audience, knowing them inside out, combining its data with style, and echoing sensitivity with the issues. 

Recently, Mercedes Benz achieved a significant milestone, rolling out the first-ever AMG vehicle in India collaring the competitive edge in the dynamic luxury car market in India. Currently, Mercedes-Benz India sells a range of luxury vehicles starting from the C-Class price at Rs 41 lakh to AMG GT Coup tagged at Rs 2.5 crore. The strategy heads the expansion of its target market by providing customer value, broadening its products, competitive prices, increased communications with the target audience, and its best customer service. Mercedes sure is justified to be a luxury in motion leveraging a driving experience of a different kind.

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