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Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Who doesn’t want to climb the google search engine results ladder, right? Search engine optimization not only helps in getting new customers, but also helps in building your brand reputation. If a customer or a future customer sees your website/services firstly in the search engine results, then it’s highly likely that they will buy from you. 

While building a great startup, the company’s focus remains on developing better products and services, with not leaving them enough to do SEO on their websites. But, here are 5 benefits of SEO, which might make you think again about it:

Free of Cost:

Let’s talk business first, search engine optimization is an organic approach to increase your site’s visibility on search engines, without using paid marketing. Google’s search results are dependent on what the search engine finds most helpful & relevant to the person searching. So, if your website is optimized and has helpful content, it can attract new audiences.

Higher close rates:

SEO is focused on directing users to your website who are already actively searching for more information about your product or service. Hence, SEO leads can drive 14.6% average close rate compared to outbound leads which have the average close rate of 1.7%.

Builds brand credibility:

As the customers searching for products or services see your name in the higher search rankings, give them the perception that you’re one of the leading players of your industry. And, if your ranking is below in the results then customers could think your startup is not yet well known. With the help of the right SEO tools, you can optimise your website the right way.

Helps in increasing social followers

By landing on the first page of search engines, more people will know about your products and services. And, to stay updated regarding your products and services they would follow you on your social media channels. As your website has appeared in the top rankings it’s highly possible users will click on your social media icons while scrolling through your website.

More clicks compared to paid advertising (PPC) 

PPC ads appear above the organic results in Google, but the 71.33% searches result in clicking on the organic results of the first page. Regardless of paid advertising, users bifurcate between the paid results and organic results and they happen to trust the organic results over the paid ones.


While a website is one of the most important assets to a startup, there are many things which require attention. SEO is an essential part of today’s marketing strategies, but many aspects such as social media, content strategies, internal business processes, product positioning and more are left untouched. Our Marketing Acceleration Program (MAP) is here to help you achieve all of this successfully and set you on the path to success. Learn more about it here.

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