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Appreciate your employees with Workplace Recognition

Workplace from Facebook is an all in one platform for smooth communication across your organisation. It focuses on maximizing employee productivity by ensuring connectivity through all levels of the hierarchy and providing ample room for collaboration. 

Adosphere-Workplace from Facebook Partner offers an array of easy-to-use features such as groups, audio/video calling, live broadcasting, badges, file sharing and more for quicker adaptability. We focus on the goal of employee engagement for helping them reach their optimum potential.


Lack of employee appreciation

Global studies show that 79% of people who quit their jobs cite ‘lack of appreciation’ as their reason for leaving. The shocking statistics don’t stop there. According to a Gallup poll, 85% of the global workforce is currently disengaged in their work. Employees, especially the younger ones, are more on the lookout for a better quality of work life than financial payoffs. Work environments which refrain from addressing their employees’ efforts timely, are prone to suffer losses in terms of workforce. Despite having immensely talented individuals on board, they’re bound to leave when their skills and work go unnoticed. Dissatisfied employees often aren’t motivated enough for contributing fairly to the organisation’s growth. This can overall tarnish the company’s profits.


Recognized employees are happy employees

Well, there’s good news. Happy employees are 12% more productive than the grumpy ones. From the various incentives, including  cash bonuses and profit plans, recognition plays a huge role in positive employee engagement. 

50% of employees believe being thanked by managers not only improved their relationship, but also built trust with their higher-ups. Recognition within an organisation influences values, happiness and employee equations amongst many others. Recognizing the work of your employees publicly and awarding them for the same, directly impacts their performance.

Recognition is a huge motivating factor for employees and shows them they’re valued and cared for.

At Workplace, Recognition becomes seamless. You can tag @ your employees in any group or chat for them to get notified. Other members too can acknowledge this recognition with praise. With features such as Badges and Achievement, you can award every employee with a unique title, on a daily basis. Recognition is available in the Workplace Integrations Directory, and you can activate it to instantly deliver a  friction free experience for your organization.


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Read here  how every year, on the anniversary of joining the company, every Intercom employee gets a bespoke comic book illustrating the previous year, drawn by a professional artist, based on input from coworkers. Managers take to Workplace for writing a lengthy description of accomplishments, hobbies, or significant life events – be it shifting roles or houses. 


Summing Up

Not appreciating your employees by recognising their efforts can prove to be difficult for the organisation in the long run. And hey, who doesn’t like being rightly praised for their work? Let your employees thrive under great acknowledgement.

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