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63% Employees feel Unrecognized – 1 Solution to sort it out!

In a company with a large number of employees, recognising all of their efforts and also acknowledging them becomes a majorly time-consuming task. Workplace from Facebook has, to the delight of HR and all employers all around the globe, found a way to make it easier. It has also ensured that organisations are frequently able to show their employees how grateful they are for them.

That said, we as Adosphere – Workplace from Facebook Partner come into the picture as a wonderful bridge which successfully connects organisations to Workplace from Facebook. We help in making the lives of the people in the company simple but remarkable, and ensure that their efforts are recognized.

Is recognition necessary?

For all the HR and the higher ups in organisations, ensuring that the work of every individual employee or team gains recognition, and has much more viewership and a wider reach, is a very tedious job.

Rewarding every employee for what has been achieved is certainly not cost effective. Appropriate resources also may not be accessible to the company. Along with that, comes the added pressure of employee dissatisfaction that they have to focus on. These are major problems that organisations have been facing for a long time. There are solutions, but they don’t seem practical enough.

With digitization in organisations, and the “Achievement” feature in Workplace, acknowledging and appreciating efforts is now possible with a single post. It is also practical, and has zero cost.

‘Achieving’ the skill of acknowledging

There are quite a lot of challenges that HR and others in the organisation face while giving out rewards, and recognition. With 63% employees worldwide feeling that they do not get enough appreciation and recognition, it has shown organisations how important having Workplace from Facebook truly is.

Giving praise instead of prize is enough for employees, and the ‘Achievement’ feature lets people in the organisation do just that. With giving instant recognition, instead of delayed rewards, it is easier to maintain, and also increase the morale of the employees. It also gives rise to a positive work environment. Employees are also motivated to give their best to whatever they do. 

In May, while working from home with not as many facilities as the company, the Design department managed to shine. So did the Content department. Waiting till December to award them for their efforts made no sense. So, HR posted in Workplace about the efforts and Achievement made, and commended both the departments.

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With the help of the Achievement feature of Workplace, it is possible to instantly convey acknowledgement and congratulations to whoever necessary. With that, because of high employee morale and motivation, there is also a significant increase in the productivity of the employees.


When the employees trust the company and feel treasured, it speaks volumes about the culture of the company. It also helps in promoting better relationships within the company.

Apart from ‘Achievement’, add to the MUST CHECK mix the ‘Badge’, ‘Give Thanks’, and ‘Recognize’ Bot as well!

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