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6 Creative ways to make an impact with your logo

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The first thing that pops into your head is the shape, color, size. You agree or do you agree? Well yes, ‘logo’ wins the province with prominence. But it isn’t easy to design a logo. That’s easy, said no designer ever even though it just displays a simple letter(you imagine). Plus there is a lot more to the visual identity of the startup other than the logo like the brand message, brand story, brand image, tagline. 

Like you must have heard of ‘I want it sober’, but that doesn’t make it any easier to design a logo. The simple letter ‘m’ for Mc Donald’s or say a tick in the Nike isn’t just what it looks like if you see from a logo designing perception. It is a tedious process including tons of research, expertise, and thoughts with creativity. A creative challenge in itself. But a challenge worth accepting and enduring. How? Here we are, flooring a plan to make an impact with your logo as an instant delicate mix in creative ways.

Be on the same page 

Anyone can be a designer. It is a widely spread myth until you become a designer. Make sure to be thorough with the design terminologies in order to understand and pick a pace when you actually start designing. The unclarity eats up time and hinders the creativity for the logo to actually stand out. Just like clarity on the logotype, logo mark, what goes where suitably. 

Conduct a research 

*rhyming* ‘Should I know, Should I see’ Yes. You must know, you must see, and you must seize. No matter how updated you are, every startup has different essence and that demands research for designing the logo. Every brand has its language to communicate and a logo must follow the same tone and values reflecting your startup. So, start from square one.

Go with the Instincts

After being prepped up the next step calls for brainstorming with skills and creativity dipped with instincts. Just like we say, age is just a number and a number will never enough to justify the role. Relating with logo, penning down various ideas doesn’t help but just keep growing and piling up never being enough to settle. Well, in this case, we tend to not follow the instincts and guts and instincts have a high probability to relatively communicate. And this is the practice one should take into consideration to avoid storming out in the name of brainstorming.

Process your creative output

Maximize your creative output into a well-tuned process to a well-formed and whole logo that defines the values and message of the startup importantly. A stepwise enjoyable process that defines the curation and formation of the logo to brainstorm the ideas maintaining the versatility of the brand involving the right people in the loop confined to every stage. 

Use your color palette B&W 

Colors and their combinations give a look and style to the logo but it is always advised to use black and white to understand the shape and edges. Well, rhythmically think of BMW in B&W, sure feels lifeless but serves a great design clarity. Bite me. But monochrome was a whole different trend if you see. But do make it colorfully aesthetic and make it lively but smartly.

Customize your Typography with a hands-on approach for Imagery

Typography and Imagery is the way to present the startup as an image or the value perceived by the audience. Thus it is basic and obvious to choose your own kind of tone when it comes to typography as the letters that reflect your image. The same goes with Imagery. Startups often end up choosing the generic or easy to resemble imagery that fades out as an identity and rather reflects just the general concept of the value. To stand out, it is as important to appeal to people right in their sensory imprinting the image your startup wants to actually build.

Last but not least, don’t forget to create and provide your own logo guidelines. It is as important to have logo guidelines to make the process smooth further.

Remember, your visual identity is more than your logo. Being in the know, we understand the importance of the visual identity and the impact it shall make in the market to grow right and free. Of course, the logo is the key element that communicates with the audiences for recognition but it is as necessary to reflect as a startup other than your logo. The startups must be a strong brand in the market and so must have a strong brand value and brand strategy. Be it with a message, tagline, your startup must have a strong brand story to tell and relatively. In action, We with our Marketing Acceleration Program help the startups develop from A to Z with a structure of growth and acts. 

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