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5 ways to market your Startup

From 29K startups in 2014, the numbers are growing exponentially and will touch 55,000 startups by the end of 2020 in India alone. Even with such competitively extensive figures, your startup can make the mark and stand out. 

“Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master.” 

Believed Philip Kotler, the marketing genius himself.

Well, there’s no harm in learning the best right from day 1, for sure. Here’s the 5 ways in which marketing can boost your startup :


 1. Know your market inside out

As much as innovative your product is, chances are, not everyone would be interested in it. The key component of marketing your product is to understand the ones you’re marketing it to. Not only would it require thorough research on your targeted customers, you’ll need a clear perspective from your existing buyers as well. Tally the market wealth, size and competition with your product’s potential. Recognise your buyer persona well. Once you boil it down to your unique niche, half the battle is won.


2. Establish your core channel

From early on, your startup has to have a core marketing channel which will truly reap you benefits in the longer run. Firstly, explore various marketing channels because when it comes to different products, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Once you find your match, let it be the foundation to all your other strategies. Maintain your focused investment in this channel and ensure steady growth.

3. Conversion Rate Optimisation

Even after having multiple visitors, when only a small fraction of those “convert” into customers, that’s when you need Conversion Rate Optimization. Losing potential customers can be your worst nightmare and we don’t want that. That’s when feedback steps in. To maximize CRO, you need to take the pulse of your visitors and their objections. This would give you a clear, valuable insight into your own service. Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Co-founder, was quite right when he said, “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” 

Remember, always leaving some room for improvement can never hurt.


4. Be your product’s first and biggest user

What better way to market your product than using it yourself. Nothing gains more faith in your customers than seeing you utilize the greatness of your own product regularly. Your first hand, authentic experience can be the game changer while marketing the product. 

5. Use your product through a social cause

Using your product through a social cause never fails to generate traction. It’s easier for people to connect with the cause first and then clearly view your product’s worth and value truly fitting into the picture. Your favourite coffeehouse company came up with Starbucks’s College Achievement Program. In partnership with Arizona State University, they offer eligible Starbucks employees the opportunity to go to college, tuition-free. Here’s why exactly branding is crucial for your startups.

Just imagine the impact of this initiative. Now visualize your startup launching such programs.

After all these tips, there’s definitely some work to do. Before we part ways, let’s run you by our Marketing Acceleration Program.

We understand startups from their very core and know how branding can get lost somewhere in the way during the initial days with product development. But fret not,  with our brand strategy, product positioning, brand architecture, content strategy, performance marketing and more, we will help you transform your startup. We value your vision, and would make it our own for your startup.


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