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5 tips to create better landing pages for startups

The prime goal of a landing page is to drive higher conversion rate compared to normal web pages to achieve business goals. A landing page can be your home page or any other, it’s usually kept as a standalone page inaccessible from a normal website, and they are created for campaigns, better sale of products/services, and more. Let’s look at how you can optimize your landing page and create pages that turn your viewers into consumers:

Keep the page minimal:

By showing the viewers only the necessary content, with a clean and aesthetic design enables the visitors to grab what you’re trying to show easily. If there is too much information then it can be overwhelming for viewers, so providing essential information can easily guide the viewer into buying your product/service.

Make it Device Friendly

With the advancement of technology people are using devices with varying resolutions, so it’s crucial to have a web page which is not only adaptive but responsive to any device. By doing so, it makes it easy for viewers to access as 60% of all online searches are now carried out on a mobile device.


People often seek good recognition from company’s other customers. Hence, when the landing page has reliable testimonials from your other customers, viewers won’t hesitate in trusting your brand’s products and services. And, testimonials from the same industry that you’re targeting would become a cherry on the top, as viewers will be able to connect with you easily.

Catered to Niche Audience 

Landing pages are designed with the aim to convert viewers to customers. As even the advertisements are clearly defined based on niche demographics, so a landing page that offers exactly what is stated has a higher chance of converting visitors. Because, users that arrive at your landing page from Facebook are going to be different, than the users that arrive from LinkedIn and Twitter.

Test & Optimize

Testing landing pages is a crucial part of the process. People often try to create the best landing page and expect to get the results fast. But, it’s rarely the case as you cannot know for sure without testing the page, and know how people will like it. You can also create 2 different landing pages with the same purpose and A/B test them to finalize one. Thus, it’s always recommended to test out the landing page and optimize for better results. 


So, in the end the landing page has a lot of work to put in, but if executed effectively then it can drive great results. Landing page consists of a lot of elements content marketing, then after completion run ads of these landing pages, and so much more. A startup has a lot more to do then just a landing page, such as branding, product positioning, social media and so much more. 

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