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5 reasons why you should use a Chatbot in your startup?

Automated conversation system, commonly known as Chatbots have increasingly become a necessity for a business. But, you must have questions, like. Should you deploy one for your business? How helpful can they really be? If you’re a team leader who has the power to build and deploy one, you should definitely give them a try. They can be really helpful, maybe they will exceed your expectations too.

Well then, let’s talk some true facts about why your startup should use chatbots:

24/7 Support Availability

We’ve all experienced tedious support systems. But, what if you could provide top-notch support for all your customers. Chatbots come into the picture here, they can be active 24/7 365 days a week. Providing all the vital information instantly, that you want your customers to know. They can solve all the basic FAQ’s before they can connect with your support team, freeing up the team to do more important tasks.

Your little brand ambassador

ChatBots are the direct embodiment of how well your customer experience is. As chatbots are capable of consuming and sharing lots of information seamlessly, they can help build your brand image.

Helping Hands

Chatbots, not only help to communicate with customers, but they can also provide a helping hand in your mundane tasks. Custom chatbots can be developed to help you with your routine tasks, such as posting content, expense tracking, task assigning,  and countless other possibilities.

Low Maintenance Cost

Imagine creating software to complete multiple tasks and hiring people to operate all those tasks. Implementing a fully functional chatbot is definitely cheaper than that. Once a chatbot is developed it’s easy to maintain and alter/change your chatbot as per your needs. As per Chatbots Magazine, businesses who implemented virtual agents saved up to 30%. 

You drive the conversation

Well, optimized chatbots can help drive the conversation, rather than overwhelming the user with too much information. They offer straight forward information quickly, so in the end, you can drive the conversation as you want to.

Automating technologies are now catching up. From smart homes to smart assistants, it’s helping us increase our productivity and taking care of mundane tasks. Here are some ways to automate your business (Learn More). Chatbots are here to stay, and the impact of their use will affect both businesses and customers. If you’re a startup or an enterprise chatbots will play a significant role in your success.

So, how to achieve all this? A startup has countless things to take care of and to dedicate people for chatbot development initially becomes a concern. And, also take care of your branding, marketing strategies, internal processes, and the list goes on and on. 

Well, we got you. Our Marketing Acceleration Program helps your startup achieve everything from branding, customized chatbots, content strategies, to internal business processes for marketing seamlessly.

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