Why content is king?

5 reasons why content is king for startups

Basically, everywhere you go you see this quote “Content is king”, but why is that? How was this phrase originated? And, how does this affect any company or an organisation? This phrase ‘Content is King’ originated from an essay Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft wrote in 1996. 

Fundamentally, the success of a brand or a company today depends on how their website defines who they are, their social media posts, blog, articles, and so many other written pieces. Here are some key points to how your company can benefit from the content:

1. Creates Brand culture

Creating unique content that is the direct reflection of what your brand is, helps the audience diversify between your company and your competitors. Rich content with which the audience can relate to helps in building allegiance, be it on your website, social media, your blogs and all your channels. 

2. Cost-Efficient

Another reason why content is king is also how cost-friendly it is. Content marketing is one of the cheapest marketing techniques. And, also compared to other marketing techniques such as guerrilla marketing, this category is more cost-efficient.

3. Content enables more visibility for your company

One of the most vital aspects of content writing strategy is to know your content consumer. If the content is targeted there are more chances that your content will be shared more, as it’s solving or providing relevant information to the consumer.

And, not only this but search engines also recognize that your content is relevant to what you’re providing resulting in better search engine discovery. Hence, get your content demographics straight and you are on your path to better visibility.

4. Adds value to your products/services

People nowadays don’t just purchase products/services. They buy information and stories. Many organisations around the world have adopted this method of delivering their products via selling a story, rather than directly selling their products. One buys a product when their pain point is solved, so the emotional points can add value to your products/services.

5. Builds curiosity 

The method of building curiosity with content is being used by many giants in the industry. The content is developed in such a way that when their respective product or services are made public, there’ll be so much less need to advertise, as they have built curiosity very well. 

Well, there it is. Here are some of the aspects of why ‘Content is King’. Now you have enough reasons to start working on your content with more dedication and creativity. But, how do you plan all this content? And, even if you make all of this, but don’t know how to execute with a proper content marketing strategy?

Don’t worry, we got you. From content strategy, branding, internal business processes for marketing and so much more. Our Marketing Acceleration Program will help your startup achieve all of this seamlessly, with guiding you at every stage.

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