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5 logo designing mistakes to avoid for startups in 2021

A logo for a brand or even a startup is a must-have to stand out in today’s noisy market. It is an emblem of your motive and the kind of business you’re running. A great logo tells a story without words. So, a graphic which is representing your company shouldn’t be compromised in any way. And, with such a handy task, mistakes can’t be afforded. So, here are some of the logo designing mistakes you can avoid:

Know the story of the brand

Before initiating the process of logo design, the designer should not only listen to the requirements of the customer but also know the story of the brand, how they evolved over time and what was the motive behind starting their startup.

Too many fonts

Using more than two types of fonts confuses the viewer. Each typeface of font is different and has a story to tell, using multiple at once makes it hard to convey the message. Using two fonts with different weights is known as standard practice.

Why avoid Free “Online logo makers”?

With only so little to offer for customizations, online logo designing platforms won’t cut it to help you design the emblem that’s going to represent your business. And, in the end it’s a computer program so creativity will always die, what a human mind can come up with is unimaginable and the art which a human can create would be easy for the viewers to connect to.

Too Complex

Good logos are meant to be simple and easy to remember. Take for example Nike, Adidas, McDonald’s, and so many more. If you’d take a look at their logos, then they’ve kept it minimal simplistic design and with not too many colours. This is one of the many logo design mistakes that can be avoided.

Colour based logo design

A good logo can stand out even without the colours. A design which is powerful even without the presence of colours, is as impactful as it is with colours. While colour is an important element, logos are not always going to be used or placed on plain backgrounds. To ensure great output you can start by designing in black and white.

While a logo plays an important role in representing your startup, there are many other aspects that need to be considered. Such as marketing strategies, social media strategies, product positioning, and more. Well, with our Marketing Acceleration Program (MAP) from branding, your growth strategies to improved internal business processes will be taken care of. Learn more about our Marketing Acceleration Program here.

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