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5 key aspects to creating a pitch deck for your Startup

A Pitch Deck is the representation of your entire startup; an absolute summation of your product, business game plan, growth strategy and your ultimate vision. This Pitch Deck, when laid out in front of the right investors, can change the face of your business altogether. But, Investors spend only 3 minutes and 44 seconds on an average per pitch deck. You might be able to bag a huge audience for your initial Pitch Deck, but it’s unlikely you’d retain their attention for long. A strategically created Pitch Deck can work to your immense advantage, a poorly constructed one on the other hand, can keep you from your vision. For that to not happen, you need an intact blueprint. Here’s how you can form one and interest the ideal investors :

Have a Pitch Deck Outline

There are certain criteria, which we would discuss in depth, that need to be covered in your pitch deck. Getting fair investments for startups isn’t the easiest deal, especially in huge markets where multiple products serve similar purposes. This makes it essential to explain how your startup stands out and is going to reap numerous benefits in the long run. Your Pitch Deck Outline should consist of :

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Product
  • Vision
  • Market Size
  • Market Opportunities
  • Marketing plan
  • Team Players
  • Business Model
  • Customers
  • Competition
  • Growth
  • Financials

Your Pitch Deck must contain all these slides to land the most suitable investors. It would provide potential investors with a crystal clear picture of where your startup stands and why they should finance your idea.    

Problem, Solution and Product

Your product has to resolve some common, major issue for it to be a hit. Until your product doesn’t solve any problem faced by a good number of people, there’s no reason for it to be desirable. Once your investors are convinced your product settles a crisis, only then they’d be able to calculate their ROI. You need to pick a unique problem for which your startup can pose as a solution, because as mentioned, multiple products serve the same cause. Here would be your chance to explain how your product could do it the best. You can go on describing the distinctive features of your product and it adds up well with the problem and solution.

The ins and outs of your Market

Where exactly your product stands in the Market can make all the difference. How big your market is, those you’re competing against, your clientele, future opportunities and majorly, your Marketing strategy to go about it all. It’s crucial for your investors to be well informed about these segments. This all can make or break your Pitch Deck. You need to define your game plan for achieving both short and long term objectives.

Team Players

The people working with you play a huge role in determining what direction what startup is heading towards. Anyone backing your startup would want to have an insightful picture of all the employees carrying the responsibilities of your startup on their shoulders. You can add on your employees’ education, background, employment experience and similar details in this slide. This would help gain better trust of your investors as your employees would be assisting you to run this startup. Even though in startups everyone wears multiple hats, you can create separate lists with various departments, who’s second in command and even project based employees.  Once you have the right people on board, click here to know why you need to train them.

Clear, Persuasive and Easy to Act on

A visually appealing and comprehensible Pitch Deck can not only grab attention for longer but makes the content easier to understand. You can add on attractive graphs and charts to avoid lengthy paragraphs. It’s best to straightway get to numbers instead of qualitative measures like “a lot” and “many”. Maintain a level of consistency throughout your presentation, with reference to fonts, themes and styles. The entire Pitch Deck should come off as compelling with clearly spelled out goals and thorough planning. 

It’s time to start collecting all the data and weaving the perfect Pitch Deck out of it for your startup. But have you considered branding your startup once the investments start pouring in? That’s where we step in, with our Marketing Acceleration Program, we’ll cover your brand strategy, product positioning, brand architecture, content strategy, performance marketing and more. We will help you transform your startup. We value your vision, and would make it our own for your startup. Together, let’s build towards your vision.


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