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3 methods to automate your startup business

Without automation, businesses were running fine. But, when automated they have the potential to go beyond their goals. Automation has become an essential part of any business, as it helps save important assets and resources such as time, human force, faster output and much more.

So how are startups automating their businesses and increasing their work performance? Let’s take a glimpse at  methods through which you can automate your business:


Chatbots are very powerful tools to develop when it comes to automating tasks. 89% of consumers say they want the option to talk to businesses through messaging, chatbots are a great example of that. Chatbots have countless use-cases via which you can automate and achieve your business goals. Chatbots have the potential to save your startup important resources such as time and money. If properly leveraged chatbots can be very handy, for example, they’re available 24/7, better engagement compared to a person, can collect information without forms, FAQ chatbot, and so many more possibilities. Know more on 5 key areas where you can use Chatbots. Learn More

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Without a CRM system, 79% of all marketing leads are never converted to sales. Most CRM’s now are capable of doing everything from email marketing to lead nurturing. It will make your sales and marketing teams more productive, as routine tasks can now be automated and effectively managed. And, with the right tools provided in the CRM, your startup can consolidate the data gathered in an easy to access location. Enhance marketing strategy as it provides valuable insights to monitor and optimize the effectiveness of campaigns.


Integrations that can be added to your existing software that your startup already uses can be a great helping hand. Using multiple integrations you can achieve the automation you want without having to buy a whole new software for that task and its services which you have no need of. For example, you can integrate email automation services and analytics services in your CRM rather than buying a whole package which your startup might not need.

With increasing tasks in a startup, it’s very important to have automation tools that can help to enhance work efficiency and save time. Automating your business is one of the decisions you would never regret. But, just by implementing automation isn’t enough? How to communicate and collaborate seamlessly in one place?

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