Blood Donation Drive with Facebook

Around World Blood Donor day, we helped the government of Karnataka use Facebook to increase blood donations and awareness around the state. The mission was to enable the availability of blood at an affordable price, and issue free and safe blood to those who cannot afford it, especially the patients in government hospitals. Through facebook’s blood donation feature this didn’t seem impossible.


Connecting Donors with Blood banks

We thought to leverage the technology provided by Facebook to bridge the gap between donors of Karnataka with its blood donation banks. This helped the government to contribute to a more stable and sufficient supply of blood. We implemented the campaign for the Government of Karnataka with a total reach of over 20 lakh.

Proliferating blood donations

The campaign was called: “Call Now Campaign” which we launched in English and Kannada languages. The impact of the campaign and the technology was effective helping the government increase the blood donation. See the results below:

  • Reach: 5,912,574
  • Impressions: 19,067,857
  • Clicks: 51,205
  • Engagement: 57,418


Covid Helpline with WhatsApp

In the times of uncertainty and misinformation, the government of karnataka decided to fight it back. It was time to reach out to millions and stop the spread of misinformation and this was all possible through the strategy that could be backed by a strong, efficient technology.


Turning down the crucial deception

We developed a strategy for COVID information center via Facebook for GOK where we created a dedicated COVID WhatsApp help desk where users could find all the official and reliable information about Covid. The information included FAQs, Myth busters and state helpline numbers. This made it the one stop helpline for the government.

Sharing the right information

We had close to 600k interaction over a period of 3 months. We also implemented a click to WhatsApp campaign for GoK's dedicated to WhatsApp helpline.
Here we created ad campaigns and videos that popularised the helpdesk. Via which we were able to achieve:

  • Reach: 801,280
  • Impressions: 2,128,148
  • Clicks(All) : 51,883
  • Engagement: 242,147


Uniting teachers of Gujarat with Workplace from Facebook

With the goal of improving educational outcomes in the state of Gujarat, India, the Department of Education onboarded 115K+ teachers onto Workplace to give them the training and support they need to become better educators—saving teachers throughout the state an estimated 3.2M working hours.


Teaching 10M children

On a mission to help 10 million children complete their schooling, the Principal Secretary of Education in Gujarat wanted to improve digital instruction. With 240K teachers in Gujarat who lacked school-assigned email addresses, the government needed a way to effectively train and monitor the progress of its digital instruction throughout the state.

Onboarding 100K+ teachers

Teaming up with Facebook for Education and Workplace, Gujarat launched the largest email-less deployment of Workplace in the world. In its first four months, the government of Gujarat onboarded over 100,000 teachers into the program.

Putting emphasis on education

We onboarded 115k+ teachers using Workplace, helping them save nearly 3.2M estimated working hours. Teachers using Workplace in Gujarat can now focus on what they do best—teach the next generation.


Health Is Wealth

With a huge workforce the financial giant, Max Life Insurance is the largest non-bank-owned life insurance organization in India. Great Place to Work India named Max Life in their top 25 best companies to work for.

Max Life

Breaking The Ice Between Co-workers at Max Life Insurance

With an objective to create a simple way to strengthen social connections between colleagues, Max Life Insurance approached us for a long-term solution. With our expertise in building and deploying automation bots, we created a Lunch Roulette bot on Workplace from Meta that randomly groups co-workers together for lunch enabling collaboration and productivity between departments in the organization. The Lunch Roulette Bot would encourage the user to participate in a team-building lunch event via an automation bot that organizes and confirms the appointments of a specific group size using the algorithm.

Max Life

The Foundation Of Ambitions

The leading logistic company in India, Delhivery is the largest and fastest growing player in the supply chain services. They wanted to connect their workforce and deliver more meaningful conversions to their heroes.


Engaging 18K Employees at Delhivery on Workplace from Meta

With the aim of implementing and increasing employee engagement of Delhivery on Workplace from Meta, we created an umbrella of campaigns under “Dreams Have No Boundaries”. The strategy was implemented in three phases which included strategy development and Workplace training, strategizing ideas for daily engagement and Workplace automation. With these strategies in place, Delhivery saw a drastic increase in the number of active users on its existing Workplace platform.


Powering A Brighter Assam

The State Government of Assam comprises of 35 administrative districts. The government wanted to facilitate a direct engagement of the people of Assam, giving them the opportunity to know about the developmental journey of the state.

Of Assam

Empowering Credible Voices Of Assam

Asom Barta, a monthly government newsletter available in Hindi and Assamese language offers a detailed look into the happenings in the state of Assam. For Assam Government, to serve their purpose of connecting and keeping the citizens updated on all the government activities, we created a WhatsApp communication bot, Asom Barta Bot. The bot serves as a medium of communication between the government and the public, bringing citizens from everywhere on one platform. The bot that initiates sending ‘Assam’ enables people to engage in any preferred language, share their concerns with the government and subscribe to the Newsletter.

Of Assam