World Foods, A Part Of Every Kitchen

Magson, the largest chain of frozen and gourmet foods in Gujarat, serves the customers with premium quality gourmet, frozen & global food products.

Designing The Brand Identity System

We found that Magson had been innovating a lot around gourmet and global luxury food brands, in order to expand. As a growing business, however, Magson lagged on the visuals and communications front, concentrating company efforts on growth and development. We helped them orient to brand identity to bring the brand up to speed, and aligned and refined the brand’s overall strategy, creating a new visual identity and communication strategy.


Increasing Brand Awareness & Sales Intent

With our objective-driven approach to helping Magson increase its sales, we optimized its social media with a well-crafted content strategy and drove the various digital campaigns. Campaigns including Jordar July, App Install, and Store Visit along with the print media, we reached existing and prospecting customers, reconfirming their trust in the brand.

The Jordar July campaign helped them bank on the sales, and we rejoiced in the magic of the thoughtful act of bringing people together through art and creativity. The campaign garnered a reach of 2,073,881 and close to 8,518,083 impressions.

  • 24.7%

    increase in reach

  • 101.3%

    increase in impressions

  • 858.2%

    increase profile visits

  • 408.7%

    increase in Instagram Followers


India’s Largest Tea Café Chain

Tea Post is a unique café chain that is based on two precepts - CHAI & DESI EXPERIENCE. Today, Tea Post has more than 200 outlets spread across 40 Indian cities. Tea Post is India’s largest tea café chain, and it serves over 2 million cups of tea every month.

Creating Chai Moments That Matter

To create a strong brand recall, we identified 5 aspects of people’s lives that can be linked strongly with Chai. These aspects act as content properties, they are – Time, Language, Emotions, Office, and Knowledge. We created graphics, memes, videos, emailers, OOH panels, interior design themes, PR articles, product packaging, etc. for Tea Post. We also activated influencer marketing and moment marketing strategies, which helped us to link the brand with trending topics.

Tea post

Realigning B2B Sales Approach

To achieve rapid and widespread growth across the country, we created a strong digital marketing strategy for Tea Post. These strategies improved the engagement on their social media profiles and the quantum of business on their low-performing outlets. Also, we generated quality leads for their upcoming franchises.


  • Impressions : 1,428,912
  • Reach : 1143810
  • Engagement : 50,585
  • All Clicks : 12,145
  • Link Clicks : 1,372
  • Leads : 275 to 330 per month

Tea post

The optimal market place

KeVi Mart, the prime online marketplace for rural and semi-urban citizens. It aims to resolve the limited availability of FMCGs in rural and semi-urban areas of Gujarat. KeVi Mart is the one-stop solution for both, the people and small businesses.


Not your regular online store

India being in phase of digital transformation, and to create brand awareness even in the smallest areas was a pivoting point for us. Kevi mart had potential to provide services to the smallest resellers and talukas of rural india, where big delivery corporations couldn’t reach. Our communication and growth strategy helped up the ante for the brand

Everyday lives, made easier

With our objective driven approach to help KeVi Mart provide the limited availability of essential goods in rural and semi-urban areas, we drove the App Install Campaign by fabricating a unique approach to get best results and change lives.
At the core KeVi Mart’s vision is to provide and manage goods upto the last village citizen. Our growth strategy powered their Aggregator Campaign via which we achieved to create Aggregators even in smallest talukas, from the nodal point to customer’s doorstep.

Achieving together

Our data-driven campaigns created digital advertisements and pushed the existing potential of KeVi Mart. With our strategies we were able to achieve great results and successfully penetrate through the untapped market.


The life security you need

XPRESSbima, is an advanced technological platform which informs and appraises various insurance products available in the market to its customers.


Better than the best

The insurance industry is still going through a change in number of factors. In which XPRESSbima wanted to create a focused and unique approach for its customers and make the process of buying insurance easier.
To make their vision reach more people and help them solve the insurance buying issues, Adosphere ran comprehensive social media campaigns with a strategic communication plan to give XPRESSbima a new outlook in the competitive market.

Clear Insurance, Clear Direction

At the crux of XPRESSbima’s aim to grow, our communication and growth strategy with peculiar and persuasive campaigns drove growth. Lead generation campaigns gave a clear direction for its new prospects to transform into loyal consumers. We did so by creating social media creatives backed by a strong and direct communication to its audience. We also ran social media and web traffic engagement campaigns to create a better genesis of the brand.

Strategic Growth, Simplified

Our unified approach to deliver high qualified content and campaign results liberated the organization's future customers. And, XPRESSbima’s diverse approach gave them a competitive advantage over their competitors to grow their relationship with the prospects and existing customers.


Away from the noise

Alpine Woods is the architectural firm that provides luxurious homes built especially for making you feel at home, away from the city noise. Their aim to design a place where there’s space for everyone, with the best facilities to ease your life.


Best of both worlds

Alpine Woods aimed to spread awareness about their luxurious homes to the right people. But, were unable to portray their high quality facilities.
Our growth strategy drove multiple campaigns for them and helped them to spread the message of their services to the right people, at the right time.

A space for everyone

With our stats-driven approach, we ran multiple campaigns such as a brand awareness campaign to better help sight this endeavour, and lead generation campaigns to get the right prospective customers. Our stats equipped growth strategy helped create the right presence of Alpine Woods in the noisy market.