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Document it with Workplace!

Workplace from Facebook is a platform that acts as a savior for all large, and small organizations. With it, the communication gap between the employees and the top officials becomes nil, thus, a comparatively healthier organization structure is into place.

We, as Adosphere – Workplace from Facebook Partner, do our best to try and help fasten corporates of all sorts with the revolutionized way of working. We also work towards ensuring the smoothening of the lives of every professional.

Mismanagement makes a Mess

What if your important documents get lost most of the time because of not storing them in an organized manner? What if most of your time goes into editing the document, instead of writing it? What if it hinders your work or causes a major delay?

With Workplace, rest assured! With the “Create Doc” feature, all your questions can be easily answered! Not just storing, but also writing and editing of documents has been made easy.

A way out!

With the help of the “Create Doc” feature, it enables one to write blogs or articles directly on the Workplace – instead of turning to external apps or mediums. It also ensures that everyone is able to view the document easily, rather than having to individually share it with all people.

Along with text content, the feature also enables one to upload photos to assist the text in being understood better.

There is also an option that ‘allows group members to edit this document’ and make necessary changes, instead of the long process of asking for feedback and suggesting necessary changes.

For instance, an intern of the company wrote a blog on the topic assigned to her on Workplace itself and kept the “Allow group members to edit this document” option on. Within a short while of writing the blog, it was seen by everyone who needed to see it. Not just that, group members were also able to edit and add information on the blog itself, which saved a lot of time.

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Making storage simple

Apart from writing, the feature also stores the written document on the platform itself. Thus, the documents also help in saving storage.

The saved documents that haven’t been published yet can be accessed by clicking the ‘files’ option on top of your group.


“Document management does half of the organization management.”

Going virtual with Workplace from Facebook is cost-saving, time leveraging, and enhances productivity. While you explore the one feature called Create doc, many more are yet undiscovered.

To discover more, go explore what more Workplace has to offer!


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