The Great Indian Welcome Drink

Hatti Kaapi is a traditionally rooted coffee operation with cozy coffee shops in Bengaluru. The brand is passionate about serving handmade filter coffees to its niche customers and is well-known among the corporates, sipping over their dose of energy.

Transforming The Brand Identity

With over 150 outlets around India and the world, one of the challenges the brand faced was that it lacked a proper communication strategy on digital platforms. To remedy that, we crafted a digital content strategy that uplifted the brand across various digital media platforms.

With the goal of establishing India's Best Coffee = Hatti Kaapi, we created a brand identity & strategy that streamlined the brand's voice and communication design.


Kaapi Hain Na

With the taste and aroma that pauses life for you and makes you forget everything for a few moments, Hatti Kaapi is enough. The campaign Kaapi Hai Na shows assurance, hope and positivity in an Indian sentiment.

Driving Insights Through Effective Comms

With our objective-driven approach to helping Hatti Kaapi, we optimized social media with a well-crafted content strategy and drove various digital campaigns like Kaapi Hain Na, 6 Seconds Filter Coffee and more. Consumers related, smiled, sipped, and enjoyed our communication and loved the brand all over again.


For Chocolates From Around The World

The house of premium chocolates, My Chocolate World is born out of the chocolate cravings of choco lovers, featuring high-end luxury chocolate brands from all over the world.

Chocolate World

Making Chocolate Experiences Memorable

Appointed as the architects of brand experience from developing brand identity to store design, we created an experience that reinforced the importance of the joy of eating chocolates. While creating awe-inspiring designs for in-store branding, we celebrated the place that’s a wonderland and fantasyland for many chocolate connoisseurs.

Creating Moments That Matter

Rounding up to the experiences associated with chocolates, we capture the emotions that give a serotonin rush in design. Incorporating such expressive emotions created a design language that serves the younger version of a choco-lover.

Chocolate World

Explore . Upgrade . Soar

Amaze World, the central processing unit of a travel booking platform and a travel utility NFT token is pioneering in setting the journeys frictionless and remarkable for travelers with next-gen decentralized blockchain service.

Breaking The Mould On Travel With Blockchain

We created a brand identity and collaterals consisting of a brand campaign, design flow, and brand guidelines, examining the roots of the tourism industry. We built brand communication and optimized social media with a well-crafted content strategy for the brand that is at the epicenter of the next travel revolution. This would amplify brand awareness and create a brand image, positioning the brand in the tech space, guided by the strategy.


Flow as an expression of travel

he design elaborates the idea of continuity and motion in an expression of travel and the adaptive nature of the flow. Nature at its best! Inclusive of three crucial elements; water, nature, and metropolis, the identity system reflects the specialized focus on the roots of the tourism industry.

For What’s Yours

Travel, in particular, is pretty easy in the 21st century, especially in the technology space but again its importance has been overlooked. To make something truly meaningful and rewarding, it requires looking deep into smoother experiences. To ensure that all your experiences are valued, Amaze World is one step ahead, enabling you to create moments, For What's Yours.


The Indian Story

Nammur is a Bengaluru based merchandise venture that aims to tell the story of Indian cities through their niche products and souvenirs.


Growing the bit of Bengaluru

India is in the phase where new ventures are emerging, Nammur being one of those, wanted to create a solitary presence. In a world where creating a brand identity and presence is cynical, Nammur is stalwart on telling their story to everyone. This approach enabled Adosphere to push the boundaries of their perception with our communication and growth strategy.

Transforming the story

Nammur was one of the unique ones, so our methods to develop communication and growth strategy had to be intrinsic to better suit their brand. Often we miss the places we have traveled to, and if we’ve collected the souvenirs it becomes an inseparable part of our memories.
With this understanding our content strategies and campaigns were designed to tell the story of India and what makes it so incredible. Such as the Sunday Soul Sante campaign for brand awareness to strive brand’s outlooks.

The tale to be told

Our unique approach for Nammur to create campaigns that would tell just more than stories, rather tell tales, we were able to achieve great corollaries.


More Innovation, More Learning

QtPi Robotics, has built an ecosystem for children aging from 7-17 across India to whom QtPi provides Robotic Kits. QtPi aims to help children move away from the rat race and teach them how to think by providing best-in-class electronic components in their kits.


Establishing the Diverse Ecosystem

The education industry being one of the most competitive sectors, it had its challenge to create a unique brand and improve the quality of education. QtPi being the one to change the game, had a lot to offer but were unable to expose their true potential. Seeing this diversification, Adosphere was equipped with high quality strategies and methods to help drive this tactile learning experience forward.

Empowering children across India

Initiated with research followed by developing a tangible and purpose-driven brand identity, we fashioned well-wrapped brand collaterals consisting of creating a brand story, logo creation, kiosk design, Brand Guide Book and more. All of the packaging and collaterals were fashioned to provide better positioning and appealing to the future prospects.

The change of educational experience

With an aligned vision to establish a creative ecosystem, we empowered and spread the new way of learning and helped develop a better brand identity and positioning to drive the next generation innovation for the young ones who will power the future of tomorrow.


The integrated approach to healthcare

SGVP Holistic Hospital is an integrated healthcare service provider in Gujarat, India. It is the 1st multidisciplinary holistic hospital representing harmony of Allopathy, Ayurveda and Yoga under one roof. Their healthcare vertical is primarily to provide a consolidated solution by treating patients and healing miseries inclusive of a hospital, diagnostics and day care facilities.


The holistic approach

SGVP Holistic Hospital came with the challenge to unify it’s conflicting brand image. The hospital was struggling to establish a brand identity as a step towards holistic wellness.
And, as it facilitates modern and traditional Indian healthcare, it enabled Adosphere to support this purpose-driven organisation. We designed the Branding to help this vision touch the lives of more people.

The healthcare of tomorrow

Implementation of brand usually starts with creating a logo, the first phase of Branding and Packaging, we developed their visual identity, their brand positioning and unfolded their true identity, and well-wrapped branding collaterals.

Unraveling the holistic vision

Our creative approach to build the brand and with their aim to provide best healthcare solutions, we helped to establish SGVP Hospital’s step towards their holistic wellness vision.


Child care put first

Established in May 1970, the Sri Sathya Sai Health and Education Trust is a Public Charitable Trust. The trust commenced its services with Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital in Whitefield in rural Karnataka, serving over 2 million outpatients, conducting over twenty thousand surgeries in all general specialties from over thousand villages.


Reaching out to the unreached

Their vision to help children and reduce the global congenital heart disease burden with the vision to serve in greater measure was the challenge at hand for Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital.
To become an institution of Pediatric Cardiac Excellence for India and other developing countries, Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital wanted to organise an event to reach out to the unreached.
With their aim to spread awareness and build collaterals around the event, it aligned with Adosphere’s approach to drive cognizance.

Spreading awareness

Our methods to develop objective driven collaterals and designs helped us execute the message clearly and value driven. The endeavour to spread awareness about providing the best healthcare for heart diseases free of cost, we were able to deliver the message to the people admirably.

Sanjeevani Hospitals