5 Key areas where you can use chatbots for startups

5 Key areas where you can use Chatbot for your start-ups

Chatbots were designed to ease the problems, companies face in solving multiple problems. The purpose of chatbots is to upscale your business and help increase the amount of work being done. Chatbots have countless use cases, they can be as diverse as your mind can imagine. From providing customer support to simplifying workflow, your company can achieve more with chatbots.

Let’s look at some scenarios where chatbots can come handy for your company:

Personal Assistant

With so many tasks to handle in a day, one can only do so much. Setting up meetings, scheduling them, sharing minutes with every attendee, informing them about the next follow up meeting, and the list goes on. All of this can be automated with the help of chatbots, helping you and your team to focus on more important tasks, rather than informing everybody that the next meeting is in 3 hours.

Task Assigning to relevant teams

A chatbot is very efficient when dealing with queries and bifurcating them properly as per their respective query. A chatbot can be programmed to answer all the simple requests and if the need to connect with a respective team arises it can allocate that request respectively. For example, a query on how to buy a product can be allocated to customer support, if there is a bug it can be allocated to the technical team and so on. They can help your company save time and resources.

Faster and Efficient Onboarding

When new employees are added to the team, it takes a lot of time in training them, informing them about the company policies, informing them about ongoing projects and more. With the help of chatbots, you could eliminate that time to nearly zero. While keeping the profound structure and conversational flow clean, and providing a proper guide to joining the company.

Better product promotions

As the marketing scene is always changing, companies need to come up with new ideas to engage with customers in order to sell their product. Chatbots can promote products in a very interactive way, with fruitful conversations, it’s highly possible for the viewer to interact and eventually buy the product/service.

Social media posting

A good social media presence is something that every company is trying to build constantly. And, without dedicated teams for posting and tracking insights for social media, it would be hard to grow on social channels. Well, with chatbots it becomes easy, as you can develop chatbots that can post on social media and even schedule it.

While the chatbot is just one of the many ways which can help your company. It surely isn’t something you’ll regret investing in. Chatbots offer a wide range of solutions, even more than the ones mentioned above. Technology is evolving faster than ever, which makes it easier to develop chatbots using bot development platforms. 

Still, worrying about chatbots? Cause it isn’t the only thing to take care of in a startup many things need to be taken care of immediately such as marketing, building your brand, social media and it’s competitive strategies, and so much more. 

Don’t worry, with all this hassle going on. We’ll take care of it, our Marketing Acceleration Program specially curated for startups, cover all of the things mentioned above. From branding to enhancing your internal business processes our program is designed to help you grow your business.

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